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by maldn
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Apr 21 2005
i have no clue about that error, since it is something with automake stuff.

as for the configure-dialogs, they are grayed out, because these options cant be configured (yet). i will remove them for the 0.1 release. - Apr 25 2005
perhaps you are interested in trying the new 0.1alpha2 snapshot. it has now a configure script and is _much_ more stable and usable than the previous ones. - Apr 22 2005
strange... i dont know why.

you can find a copy at

(if you missing the configure-script run make -f Makefile.cvs first, then ./configure && make && make install) - Apr 16 2005
yeah propably.
im currently working on a more flexible audio-subsystem and an alsa driver. jack/gstreamer/arts/esd shouldnt be too hard if i have implemented what i have in mind for internally handling audio. - Feb 01 2005
yeah, kphone is qt-only.

Since Konference is a real KDe-app (using kparts, kconfigXT, and all the wonderfull kdelibs features) you can expect i.e. a kaddressbook integration as well. - Feb 01 2005
whoops :)
this is b/c the code comes from mythphone :)

should be fixed. - Feb 01 2005
sorry, but if you cant figure "make -f Makefile.cvs && ./configure && make && make install" out yourself than this is propably nothing for you (yet).

consider this software pre-alpha. a developer-preview.... so if you are no developer than i think its quite useless for you.

but stay tuned, this will change soon :) - Jan 26 2005
beleive me i had good reasosn for abandon openh323! (i.e. it couldnt be used in a kpart...)
but since gnomemeeting post-1.2 will support SIP too it will be compatible.
but netmeeting wont work.
but there are quite a few apps for windoze that understand SIP. even more than those understanding h323. - Jan 26 2005
i dont know what amsn is, but if you mean msn(-messenger) then yes: it should be compatible (at least wit v4.7 or so).
but since i have no windoze box around i cant test. - Jan 26 2005
yes, and a lot less feedback.
this project is still very young and needs the feedback...
i think it isnt ready for people who dont know how to compile it. perhaps with a few people testing an sending patches it will be soon, but it isnt yet.
perhaps someone provide daily-static-debug-binaries, but i wont be the one... sorry - Sep 08 2004
depends on your distribution.
try using 'export WANT_AUTOCONF=2.5" or 'export WANT_AUTOCONF_2_5=1" before running make -f Makefile.cvs - Sep 08 2004
first be sure to try latest svn-version.
you get it with
'svn checkout svn://'

can you mail me the full output with a few more infos like what webcam with what configure-options yo have compiled pwlib and openh323? - Sep 05 2004
yes... that is/was a hardcoded path...
try using recent svn-version.. - Sep 04 2004
you need a more recent version of pwlib and openh323.
i suggest using pwlib 1.7.5 and openh323 1.14.4 from

i dont know if there are rpms for suse already prebuild...

since there are _very_ few people giving me feedback i cannot say what min version you must have... - Sep 04 2004
I dont think it will contain Desktop-Sharing, as this is done by other tools (think of VNC i.e.).
And for the whiteboard i remember someone of the kde-pim people is working on that for integrating it with the pim-suite.
Such features maybe implemented sometime, but this project is in such an early state of development that other features are more important than a whiteboard.

But of cource, as always, feel free to implement such a feature :).
I would be glad receiving a patch which adds this feature ;). - Sep 03 2004
it was delayed, because of lack of time.
but should be "alive" again...
after _much_ trouble with upgrading to new pwlib/openh323 it is now back in a usable state. - Sep 03 2004
its not an KIO (and i dont have any knowledge about his), but an URL-handler is a great idea...
i'll have a look at this... - Mar 04 2004
what is a "cryptic alarm?"
please give a backtrace and/or the console output.
a "cryptic alarm" isnt that descriptive :) - Mar 03 2004
i fact i first worked on videoconference.
konference is a result of myself trying to understand how videoconference works.
at first it was a rewrite, and thus uses much code / ideas from that (great) app.
but videoconference turned out to be quite unflexible (code-wise) and there were some other issues.
as i said, konference is heavily based upon videoconference, so there werent that much resources wasted.
consider konference as a rewrite with a cleaner design (my personal oppinion) and better documentation. - Mar 03 2004
it seems, that you are using linux-headers from 2.6 right?
pwlib isnt (yet?) capable to go with these.
try installing headers from linux-2.4.x. - Feb 19 2004
the automatically generated tarball isnt there anymore. i dont know why.
so, you have to checkout the sources yourself ... - Feb 15 2004
try updating your sources.
you just checked the sources out when i was working on connection-related config-dialog.
nice timing :) - Feb 11 2004
since i do not have much experience with autoconf/automake, i cant come up with a solution yet.
but try if you clould disable the checks, but still link to ptlib.
see ...
perhaps some time someone with expertise on this rewrites the config-scripts :) - Feb 06 2004
check where your pwlib/ptlib is installed. if it is not /usr/include (headers) and /usr/lib/ (libs), preferably /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib/ , change the paths for the checks to match your installation (see at around line 76) - Jan 29 2004
what version of pwlib do you have installed?
i suggest trying 1.5.2. - Jan 29 2004
absolutely :P - Jan 29 2004
since it is implemented as a KPart, it should be fairly easy to integrate.
if someone wants to try the integration of this into whatever...
ill be pleased to help him/her :P - Jan 27 2004

Education Apps 5 comments

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Sep 12 2004
good answer. i couldnt have said it better ;-)

maybe he is just waiting for something like

and just like you said: it is more a "i want to (be able to) code" or "ok, if no one else wants to do it, ill have to do it myself" rather than "i cant code" - Sep 12 2004

Various KDE Stuff 4 comments

by maldn
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Sep 12 2004
kind of...
it is more like
or perhaps

and it is meant to be something like netmeetings whiteboard. i get dozens of mails requesting a feature like this in konference, the video conference app i am developing.

since this would be designed to be a kpart, it should be usable in kopete, kontact and whatnot... - Sep 12 2004