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Marco Mania , Germany

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Nov 16 2014
I've checked on Debian Squeeze/SID and everything just worked for me. So unfortunately I can't tell you what's going wrong with your system.

Please try the new i386 package I've just build for Debian Squeeze/SID. You can download it on the audex page. - Apr 19 2009
what distribution (with version) do you use?
can you start audex on console and send me the complete output?

regards - Apr 18 2009

thank you!

audex makes use of KIO slaves in 0.70. passwords are hidden.


marco - Mar 30 2009
please try to delete your build directory.

and please be sure to do this in source directory:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install

thanx for using audex. - Mar 26 2009

that's strange. maybe in opensuse is a different version of flac as in the tested distributions.
please go to a console and type
flac -v
post the output please.
i will take a closer look to this in a few days and test audex with recent version of opensuse. - Feb 09 2009

thank you!

this should already work. see the hint on the track#-button in audex mask editor.

however some people reported, that this is broken in audex 0.62. i will check while i am working on audex 0.70, which should be released next week. - Jan 27 2009
Good news!
The most interesting feature may be the new cover variable for the command line encoder mask:

This variable will be replaced with the temporary filename of the cover, e.g. to insert the cover in the id3 v2.3 tag with LAME.
The cover file will be created automatically by Audex.

This variable has six properties:
"format" defines the image format. Possible values are "PNG", "JPG" and "GIF" (Default: "JPG").
With "x" (width) and "y" (height) you can rescale the cover. If you don't set these values, the size of the cover image won't be changed.
Set "usenocover" to "true" to use image, which is shown if no cover for the current album is set (Default: false).
With "preparam" and "postparam" you can define parameters inserted before (pre) or behind (post) the filename of the temporary cover. These value are only shown if the cover set or "usenocover" is set to "true".

${cover format="JPG" x="300" y="300" preparam="-ti "}
So a filename of an jpg-image with the size of 300x300 will be inserted.
If no cover is set, this variable will be replaced by nothing, otherwise something like
-ti /tmp/cover.123.jpg
will be inserted.

Note: LAME discards cover files larger than 128 KiB. Please consider, if you set the format and size. - Jan 11 2009
okay, this really looks much better. especially with the blur effect... - Jan 09 2009
Thank you!

Interesting idea... I will have a closer look at this for 0.62. - Jan 08 2009
Do you mean the leaning effect of the reflection?
Okay, maybe I'm going to deactivate this in 0.62... - Jan 08 2009
Use this with Audex 0.61+:

${trackno length="2" fillchar="0"}

means that a tracknumber will be "expanded" to the length of 2 digits. If the tracknumber is smaller than 10, then "0" will be inserted at the beginning.

In your case you can use just $trackno.

Thank you for using Audex! - Jan 07 2009
Sorry, the Audex page was down for some weeks! There was a server problem and a problem with my hoster. But now everything should work again! - Jan 07 2009
I'm going to publish version 0.7 BETA in about 4 or 5 weeks.
I suggest to wait with the translation, since I will change some things within the sources of this app. - Aug 09 2008
Is it cdparanoia release 9.8 in Fedora 9?
I will install fedora 9 in a virtual machine next week and try to build audex.
But it looks like this is just a path issue: Open the file "utils/cddaparanoia.h", find the lines
extern "C" {
#include <cdda_interface.h>
#include <cdda_paranoia.h>
and change it to
extern "C" {
#include <cdda/cdda_interface.h>
#include <cdda/cdda_paranoia.h>
Thanks! - May 08 2008
My idea! I'm just about to develope Videx. A dvd-video-ripper/shrink tool. Hope first version will be ready this summer with the KDE 4.1 release! But there is much work to do... - Mar 19 2008

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Nov 13 2008
first, depending on your distribution, make sure you've installed all kde devel and cmake packages.

then download the source tarball (eqonomize-0.6.tar.gz) and type the following in your console (from die directory where you're tarball is):

tar xzvf eqonomize-0.6.tar.gz
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make install (run this as root)

regards - Jan 14 2009

I like eqonomize and use it nearly every day. Keep on the good work!

Thank you very much!
Tack så mycket! - Jan 14 2009

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