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Dean Harris Derby, United Kingdom
Furius iConverter

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Apr 27 2011
If you could email the contents of the folder /home/YOUR HOME/.furiusiconverter (where YOUR HOME is the name of your home folder) to, I can take a look at the output.
I would suggest that you are missing the codec required for this kind of file as it is a proprietary video format from RealPlayer - Aug 10 2010
Furius ISO Mount

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Mar 04 2011
Sorry, I forgot to address your dll question.

'Assemblies are the physical packaging of the class libraries. These are .dll files, just as (but not to be confused with) Win32 shared libraries. Examples of assemblies are mscorlib.dll, System.dll, System.Data.dll and Accessibility.dll.'

(Taken from the Mono Wikipedia page: - Jun 23 2008
Hi dsms, firsty thanks for trying the application, I'm sorry your having troubles. The problem your having with version sounds like a problem with fuseiso. Exactly the same problem has been encountered and solved here:

The problem with is that I have changed mono to use runtime 2. Kubuntu, however, does not come with runtime 2 installed by default (I should add this to the required list on the deb package!). To fix this run the following command:
sudo apt-get install libmono-system2.0-cil

Settings up permissions with fuse and installing the new runtime 'should' fix your problems.

However, since you are using KDE I would suggest that Furius ISO Mount is not the best application for you. Furius ISO Mount is designed as a native Gnome (Gtk) application. For your needs, running Kubuntu, I would suggest you look at AcentoneIso ( a native KDE (Qt) application which mounts images.

I hope I have been of assistance. - Jun 22 2008
Thank you for your comment. I agree, I think being able to mount without root/sudo is a good idea. Initially I was hoping to keep dependencies down to a minimum. I may add this (fuse etc) as an option, giving the user the ability to use furiusisomount without root access if they prefer. - Apr 02 2008
If you click the 'view log' button you will be able to see the commands to unmount. Version 0.3 also asks if you wish to unmount any images on close.

I will add a routine to check for previously mounted images and add them to the mount list on restart - Jan 26 2008
You don't need to do this. You can start the application as root with:

gksudo furiusisomount

- Jan 25 2008
This application mounts images in the media folder using the mount command. To mount without root you would require an external dependency. I wanted to keep dependencies down to a minimum. - Jan 24 2008

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Jun 12 2010
I have re-packaged and uploaded the files again. This time the files size is a lot larger(?). Perhaps something got corrupted in my initial upload of version 1. Please let me know how you get on. - Mar 20 2008
This seems rather strange. You 'should' be able to just drag the moon about the screen. Try right-clicking on the widget and under the 'Window' option make sure that 'Lock' is not ticked. Sorry I can be of no further help. - Mar 18 2008
Furius PopMail (Email Notification)

Karamba & Superkaramba 16 comments

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Jan 31 2008
I'm afraid this karamba theme does not work with gmail. This is because gmail does not use the standard port (110), but instead uses port 995. If I get time, I may look into adding gmail support to this theme. - Feb 28 2008
I'm afraid I don't have KDE 4 - Jan 31 2008
Simply because not everyone uses kmail. - Jan 30 2008
If you run the theme from a terminal window with the following command:

superkaramba FuriusPopMail.theme

This will give details of what is happening. If you can post the output, i'll have a better idea of the problem.

The other thing is that the widget checks for email every 10 minutes. Did you wait? - Jan 27 2008
Not yet. It's something that I could look into adding in a new version. - Jan 27 2008
Furius Weather

Karamba & Superkaramba 8 comments

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Apr 12 2008
Thanks for this. I'll sort this out in the next release. - Jan 29 2008
Furius Rss (RssNews)

Karamba & Superkaramba 47 comments

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Apr 11 2008
Sorry for the delay in relying. If you open the file in your favourite text editor (Kate) and find this line:
delaytime_seconds = 180

For a two hour cycle you will need to change it to:
delaytime_seconds = 1440

That equals to each of the 5 feeds updating every 24 minutes, so 120 minutes for a full cycle. - Oct 18 2007
I'm afraid to say, I have no idea why it would do this. I run as a normal user (I use Kubuntu) and have no problem. Sorry I can be of no more help. - Oct 18 2007
I'm afraid this does seem to be a problem with some feeds (especially Polish, Turkish etc). Unfortunatly I have not been able to locate the source of this problem. If you wish to chge the font, however, open the file with your favourite text editor and find this section:

def createText(widget):
global text, imgtip, stamp
text = []
imgtip = []
for i in range (max_items):
text.append(karamba.createText(widget, 15, item_top + (i * item_height), 195, item_height, ""))
karamba.changeTextColor(widget, text[i], 255,255,255)
karamba.changeTextFont(widget, text[i], "Omicron Zeta")
karamba.changeTextSize(widget, text[i], 10)
stamp = karamba.createText(widget, 15, 158, 180, 24, "")
karamba.changeTextSize(widget, stamp, 9)
karamba.changeTextFont(widget, stamp, "Omicron Zeta")
karamba.changeTextColor(widget, stamp, 255,140,50)

You then need to change the two instances of "Omicron Zeta" to your chosen font, e.g "Trebuchet MS". Sorry I can be of no more help. - Jul 09 2007
Sure - Jun 23 2007
Actually, German doesn't appear to be a problem. I have tried other German sites and they seem okay. I think the problem with the heise site is that it is an atom feed not an rss feed. - May 11 2007
Okay, first of all, I'm afraid to say the news parser doesn't appear to like the German language 8(.
I have had digg and the KDE sites working fine. If you are having problems try reverting back to the default feeds and change one at a time. You must also remember that python is very sensitive to indentation in the code, and a space character in the wrong place can kill an application.
I'll look into the German language issue, but I can't promise anything. Sorry. - May 11 2007
Not quite sure what you mean. However, you need to double click on an item for it to open up in your browser. You can change your default browser by commenting out the default browser (Konqueror) in the file and uncommenting one of the other browsers, such as firefox, swiftfox or opera.
Hope this helps. - May 11 2007
In the theme folder of choice you will find a file called, open this file in a text editor, such as Kate. At the top of the file you will find a section that starts like this:
max_items = 17 #set to -1 if you want unlimited items

feedURL1 = ""
feedHomePage1 = ""
feedName1 = "BBC News: "

Change the following 5 feeds to ones of your choice. - May 11 2007
I have changed the encoding to utf8 on all the files, though I don't know if this will fix your problem. - May 10 2007
After you have downloaded the archive and extracted it, there should be two folders (rssNews and rssNews_shiney). In these folders you should be able to find the file - Apr 22 2007
As your request, I have added multi rss support.
- Apr 15 2007
Thanks for spotting this, Dave. - Apr 15 2007
This has hopefully been sorted now. It was a problem with some version of Python defaulting the character encoding to ASCII. But the file contained other encoding. - Apr 15 2007
This has hopefully been fixed. Sorry for the long delay. - Apr 15 2007
Furius Karamba Suite

Karamba & Superkaramba 14 comments

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Jan 13 2008
Thanks for you comments, they are much appreciated. If you look at my post 'RSS Feed Reader' (, this will show you how to configure the RSS module. It also has some transparent backgrounds, which you could resize and use.
I know a lot of people of fond of the Kore style, so I was planning on releasing a Kore version of this theme in the very near future. That will feature transparent backgrounds with a Kore style border.
Concerning the weather module; This is something I will be looking into, it is just a matter of finding the time. - Sep 04 2007
I agree, and thank you for pointing this out. I have changed the theme to display, as you put it, 'real' memory usage, that is, cache and buffers excluded. - Aug 24 2007