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Marco Somma

Amarok 2.x Scripts by jwchile 48 comments

I added the current features:
- ability to play saved playlist
- ability to play tracks by album
- ability to change random play
- ability to change current playng song from the active playlist in real time

Is anyone interested in manteining the project? How I can collaborate and post my version?
- Jan 12 2012

Amarok 2.x Scripts by jwchile 48 comments

I'm interested in manteining alive the project. I made some modifications:
# ablity to play track directly from playlist (added play button instead of image even for faster loading)
# added collection scan button in control section
# added ability to surf by genre (very useful to build playlists based on tags)
#ability to enable or disable shuffle
#ability to surf saved playlist (with some limitations..):
1. if the tracks are not in the collection is not working
2. if the tracks are streams is not working..
I need some new features in Amaroks2 API
If the author allow me I will share my modded version - Apr 22 2011

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by jwchile

6 .7
Jan 12 2012