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John Doe
I tried it with Calender, Clearweather, and Lipik. They work perfectly with the Screenlet version from the Ubuntu repositories. - Aug 31 2010
I can't seem to add screenlets to the estobuntu version of the app. I'm using screenlets_0.1.2-7xxxestobuntu6_all. When I add a screenlet to the .screenlets folder they appear in the screenlet manager but when I start it nothing happens. - Aug 30 2010
The bug is fixed! The properties open now and it is possible to change the font. :-)

Yes, by spawning I meant opening a new note.

I have no experience in Python coding, but I'd like to change that. So perhaps I will try to implement the resizing and the opening of new notes from an existing note. - Aug 28 2010
But there is a problem: When I press on the "Properties" menu entry nothing happens. I would like to change the font too.

And it would be really great to resize the notes and spawn new notes (like in Win7) directly from a note without having to open the screenlet menu. - Aug 27 2010