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mark penney

Wallpapers SUSE by billd 7 comments

i absolutely love this,
where did you get that suse thing? and what is it stuck to? - Jul 29 2007

People by dfcwolf 68 comments

most people who commented here had good arguments and points of view.
this picture can be considered explict in some ways but in other ways it is not, i personally think it is very artistic, and a very good portrayal of the beauty of the female body, unlike many many other nude pictures posted which were made to be shallow and sexy. it caught my eye because i dont see sexual desires in the photographer or the person who edited and posted this. porn is porn:shallow and explict. erotica is erotica: sexually inticing, designed for beauty, and art is art, and i think this is art. thank you.

- Jun 06 2007