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Marco Antonio Islas Cruz
Pidgin - msn emotion

Full Icon Themes by vagrale13 3 comments

Are this emoticons licensed by Microsoft (or whoever owns them) with the Creative Commons license? - Nov 23 2009
koala illusion

Wallpaper Other by mrqz 1 comment

Now I know why you didn't put a preview. - Nov 03 2009
Mac OS X SnowLeopard

GDM Themes by Allan10 3 comments

No good vote. - Aug 10 2009
Lero UI Mac OsX Set

Full Icon Themes by exenatt 3 comments

Nobody can make another Hi resolution good looking Icons?. Why everybody tries to copy Apple Look. That makes me feel that those people want a Mac but they can't afford it.

Why is there a Windows XP black logo?

So sad. - Mar 14 2009
May 28 2010