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Massimiliano Vassalli Roma, Italy
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Apr 25 2020
moderno e elegante! Ottimo! - Jul 09 2019

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Jul 25 2011
thanks you. I will answer your questions (sorry for English):
1. No. I created only them, because I tried to find free dictionary of ancient languages, but there was nothing for Ubuntu\Kubuntu and the ones I found didn't seem reliable, so I created these three myself and I will make other.
2-3. I answer to 2nd and 3rd questions together. The dictionaries are sqlite3 file, so you can create new languages using a common sqlite manager (I used the one included in firefox: SQLite manager) or you can use Linguarium to create new ones (Languages -> Create new dictionary). Now it can't import other files other than ".ln", but I hope it will do.
I created this program to study ancient languages as Latin or Oscan. If you have more questions or you want a specific language, please contact me at - Jul 25 2011
I fixed the bug in the next version of the program, which will soon available. Thanks for reporting. - Jul 25 2011

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moderno e elegante! Ottimo!

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