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KDE 3.5 Themes 395 comments

by mart
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Feb 17 2009
i have it almost there, just need to find the time to fix it up a little bit,
and that's the hard part :p - May 16 2009
the kde4 screenshot is the default Oxygen
the kde3 version is an old theme i drew a looong time ago (only kde3): - Jul 22 2008
oh, because i've come up with a wrong name and i'm lazy to change it :)
but that package is the new one - Feb 18 2008
yeah, that pixel unfortunately belongs to the scrollbar and not to the border itself, maybe the border should be always dark btw... - Dec 14 2007
yes, it's in ~/.config/Polyester/Style.conf

the file format and the parameter names are the same as the qt3 version
here it is my config file:
useLowerCaseText=false - Sep 25 2007
it seems the package libidn-devel is missing? - Sep 06 2007
state of the works.... - Sep 02 2007
it looks like the kde development packages are not installed or the compiler can't find them... - Sep 02 2007
no,no the gradients nooooo :)
btw, at the moment i don't use particular extra libraries, also because there isn't any particular clever math calculations here :) - Aug 31 2007
Hi Sebien :)
it has been not so easy and a little bit hacky to unite the borders, but i think it's worth the effort :)
as for the scrollbars, that gnome like aspect it's the way at the moment it looks less broken, due to the way i've united the headers with borders (and made the sadows)
i'm currently investigating a way to fix this in a not too ugly way - Aug 30 2007
can be uploaded only one file, the others are external links - Aug 30 2007
from the screenshot it seems that the contrast (in the colors settings) is turned to minimum and with little contrast the effect is barely noticeable - Jul 11 2007
done :) - May 25 2007
Tasty Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 499 comments

by mart
Score 58.0%
Dec 13 2007
thanks dude :) - Dec 23 2007
yeah, i know, and i fear it's here to stay, the code it's a real mess :(
when i will find time i will start a rewrite for kde4 that i think will be based on kickoff backend that shouldn't be affected - Dec 23 2007
uhm, it seems that is flickers more if the pnel is not locked.. - Dec 13 2007
damn, it seems something nasty happened with gettext... - Nov 19 2007
it looks like automake ignores that folder, i shoulkd tweak a little bit the am files to make the dist right - Nov 06 2007
i think i've found the point where the leak occurs...
i'm starting to think it must be a problem in kdelibs... i don't think i will be able to totally remove it, but i think i've found a way to drastically limit it - Oct 28 2007
maybe i could put a fixed lower limit to the size of the fonts - Oct 23 2007
oh, i see, thet's indeed a bug :)
should be very easy to fix btw - Oct 23 2007
unfortunately i can't reproduce the crash :( - Oct 23 2007
uhm, are you sure? the search results are not cleared after clicking on an item. - Oct 23 2007
thanks for the offer, btw the problem was only on the links on the kdelook page. for now my hosting seems to be enough, they still had not complained for the bandwidth, but who knows :) - Oct 17 2007
thanks, i've put the link in the description since i'we run out of free download slots :) - Oct 15 2007
these are good ideas, but at the moment since kde4 is around the door i don't know how much sense it makes investing much more extra effort in it...
but as i said these are nice ideas and if i will start a kde4 port i will for sure use them :) - Oct 15 2007
it's a recurring problem, i hate it...
now it should be fixed - Oct 11 2007
it should have been fixed now, i hope to make a release tomorrow - Oct 10 2007
last time i checked recoll didn't have a way to automate it from the command line, dcop or whatever, i should check it again - Oct 08 2007
hmmm, maybe when the list is in alphabetical order the divider doesn't make much sense, maybe i should remove it... - Oct 08 2007
Thanks, having finished the download slots i've put the link in the changelog :) - Sep 21 2007
thanks, i've updated the link - Sep 20 2007
Unfortunately i am not able to reproduce the crash, so i don't know what had gone wrong :(
but you can try to delete the file ~/.kde/share/config/tastymenu_panelapplet_"somejunk" where somejunk is some random characters different from a sistem to another, if there are multiple files thar starts with tastymenu_panelapplet_ delete them all - Sep 20 2007
it seems a problem as stupid as calling a function with a wrong parameter :)
just a moment for repackaging all the stuff :) - Sep 09 2007
maybe i've find a not too ugly way to speed up the search a little bit, let's see... - Aug 22 2007
i know it has some different serious performance issues, as far i can tell it seems tied to the way the qlistviews works.
i think it would be possible to correct them, but it would be a very big rewrite, and with kde4 around the corner i don't think it's worth the effort...
maybe if i will start a kde4 port some day, with the new listviews of kde4 it should be more fast, still not decided if and when starting a port... - Aug 21 2007
it uses the default managing code of the qtoolbutton icon, so must be square... reimplementing several methods would be needed - Jul 11 2007
don't desperate, there is still nothing sure. first i must figure out what the options are what must be changed etc, and theni will be able to decide if it's worth the effort...
but it will took a long time because i have very little time to dedicate, but as i said there's nothing sure at the moment :) - Jun 03 2007
Hi, i will consider some of the thing you said, but apart some other little things i have in mind for a final release i don't want to put to much work on it, because afaik this thing is more or less unportable to kde4 (listviews that works very differently and most important kicker will be killed) - Jun 03 2007
yeah, i see, but it seems the problem has more or less always being here. I have found where it occurs (when the list of the subitems of a given item is created) but i can't figure out what's going wrong because it works in the very same way of the kmenu implementation... - Jun 02 2007
there are some kdirlistener that seeks for new installed applications, and afaik not on every system the kdirlistener has some low level facility better than polling (still don't understand well how it works...)
but in the next version i will provide an option to turn off the notification, because it seems i can't get it work reliably - May 19 2007
i think it should be possible to automatically choose the right color on the fly, let's see... - May 17 2007
oops, for button _text_ i was meaning - May 15 2007
it follows the global settings for button borders, does it have problems with dark kicker backgrounds? - May 15 2007
strange, seems to work, anyway: - May 15 2007
digging in the ancient bookmarks i think i've found the source:
under the section downloads->immagini - May 14 2007
I can't remember, it's a series of wallpapers that i've downloaded something like uhm... 6 or 7 years ago :) - May 14 2007
ok, uhm, maybe :) - May 14 2007
should be easy, maybe i will add it together drag and drop to the desktop - May 07 2007
maybe installs it in the wrong place? try to force it with ./configure --prefix="where kde is installed" - May 04 2007
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9   Dec 17 2010

Aurorae Themes
by megabigbug

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9   Dec 17 2010

Aurorae Themes
by Strahlex

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9   Dec 17 2010
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9   Dec 17 2010