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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 499 comments

by mart
Score 58.0%
Dec 13 2007
there must be an huge memory leak somewhere, i should try to valgrind it... - May 04 2007
uuugly thing, i didn't noticed that :( - May 03 2007
for the first thing, these buttons are the default one for the applets. unforunately kicker applets (like tasty menu or the clock) and kicker buttons (like kmenu) behaves a little bit differently, and i don't know if it's even possible to add a move button into an applet menu :(.

for the button image, it's already configurable :)

i didn't understand what do you mean in the last point - May 03 2007
even more strange when i create a menu entry without an icon neither tasty menu or classical kmenu shows up.
even if i reopen kmenuedit the new created entry doesn't show up.
Instead if the entry is not created with kmenuedit but if the desktiop file is created by hand and put in ~/.local/share/applications, it shows correctly with mime-empty as an icon.
At this point i suspect it's kmenuedit that messes badly with the file ~/.config/menus/ (seems to put the apps without an icon in the <Exclude> section).
If i'm right i fear i can't do much to fix it :( - May 02 2007
nevermind, i managed to reproduce the bug - May 01 2007
Can you send me the desktop file that describe that entry?
(should me in ~/.local/something) - May 01 2007
very very strange. here itams with no icons are displayed with the standard empty document icon but are displayed, i can't figure out what the problem could be - Apr 30 2007
ok, sure :) - Apr 30 2007
added $(LIB_KIO) to make
for the direct-shlib-dependency (that here doesn't occurs, strange) i don't know exactly what libgcc_s does and if there are some consequecies removing it - Apr 29 2007
i'm not very expert of automake, so maybe i've not understood very well, so i don't know how to insert specific libraries. for the version numer i tried to add -version-info in tastymenu_panelapplet_la_LDFLAGS on, but it doesn't seem to work, is there some other thing it needs to be done to achieve this?

since i don't have a 64bit cpu i can't figure out what it could be the problem, hopr to understand something from a backtrace - Apr 29 2007
at the moment it's not possible, but it's on my todo :) - Apr 28 2007
>Please let the user decide :).
ok, no problem.
for the sorting i must do some experiments... hope to produce something decent :) - Apr 18 2007
ok, i will try to tweak the widthforheight function a little bit. - Apr 18 2007
the entries that appears unordered between a category and another are entries that belongs to categories that have only that entry. I suppress these groups because in some distributions like opensuse there are many categories with one single entry and would be a little bit too cluttered(in fact the modified version of kmenu in suse does the same thing)

maybe i should try to order the entries after the groups - Apr 18 2007
1)turning the button text off should make the button square (should work again in 0.7.1)
2)i wasn't aware of its existence :) but unfortunately i can't find a way to automate it. seems to not have command line options or dcop calls to make a query...
3) the problem is that the tooltip of kicker buttons can't be used by 3rd party applets, the only way to use it is duplicating a big amount of code :( - Apr 16 2007
yeah, nice idea, if implementing it is simple as i think consider it done :) - Apr 06 2007
it's available under behaviour tab in the configuration dialog - Apr 05 2007
thanks, i've put a link to it:)
it does auto open the categories on mouse over, maybe make the delay configurable? - Apr 04 2007
i've never tried to install it in the home dir, but it's a very strange problem. i am not sure if it depends from tasty menu or other things, but i will look if something can be done - Apr 04 2007
1)will try to fix it
2)oh, it seems another nasty bug, let's see...
3)the recently installed applications and their folders got highlighted with the negative af the text selection color, because i wanted them very noticeable. starting the highlited applications (or clearing the list) makes the highlight go away - Apr 04 2007
oops, i fear it's a bug, i will look at it... - Apr 04 2007
does adding the line
#include <kdebug.h>
at the beginning of the file tastymenu.cpp helps? - Apr 03 2007
does adding the line
#include <kdebug.h>
at the beginning of the file tastymenu.cpp helps? - Apr 03 2007
uhm, i don't understand what color do you mean

for the second thing, the window or popup menu mode is decided by the little arrow icon near the "All applications" title (maybe i sould find a more meaningful icon) - Apr 03 2007
OMG! it seems that package contains some files from gcc and the qt installation, something has gone seriously wrong :(

unfortunately i'm not pratical with the creation of debian packages so I can't be very helpful...
btw, there is the list of files contained in the rpm package, it shouldn't be more that that:
/opt/kde3/share/locale/it/LC_MESSAGES/ - Apr 03 2007
oh, i didn't notice that. probably it's some problem related with deriving the toolbutton class.
I will find to find out what has got broken - Apr 03 2007
this was a problem with 0.6.5 are you sure this is the
(anyway, it should compile if you enable the switch ./configure --enable-final, ah weirdness of gcc :P) - Mar 13 2007
it's on the works, also the icon will be configurable as you can see :-P - Mar 13 2007
for the right click i will look at it.

the 'Show tree expanders' and 'Always collapsed categories' were tied in the past versions, but now are independent because clicking on the categories willopen/close them.

- Feb 27 2007
thanks, i've added it to downloads :) - Feb 22 2007
Thanks, i've updated the download link - Feb 22 2007
ooops :)
ok, i will fix that - Feb 20 2007
at the moment this is possible with the option "show tree expander" in the configuration dialog. at the momentthe default is off because I feel it's a little bit ugly :)
maybe I could make the collapse/expand after a single (or double?) click on the category - Jan 08 2007
for the transparency I could make that when the transparency is on the button doen't appear on mouse over (I wonder if i can make it without subclassing QPushbutton, we'll see...)

the left menu I could make it configurable if it is visible or not...

the right menu is also designed to be always visible, I'was thinking about maiking it possible to close, but I'm not sure, maybe I prefer as is...
- Jan 05 2007
ok, understood the problem, let's add an item to my TODO :) - Dec 03 2006
When I will have some time (and don't know when it could happen, so don't hold your breath:P), I plan to support drag and drop in the left column (so every tipe of shortcut could be added) - Nov 26 2006
I've had a brief look on it.
If I understood correctly, Baghira menu does the same iteration of every menu item at the startup, so it's slower at startup and faster when a search is made.
a solution for making it faster could be loading the list with a background thread and always keep the full loaded list hidden, but I think it will dramatically increase the memory usage, I must do some experiments... - Oct 21 2006

Icon Sub-Sets 48 comments

by mart
Score 41.4%
Jun 03 2006
now i don't have much time for it, buti plan to make at least one more release - Mar 27 2007

KDE 3.5 Themes 395 comments

by mart
Score 50.0%
Feb 17 2009
ok, i've understood where is the problem. I think i should find a way to distinguish between the drawing of the focus rectangles on the widgets and the selection rectangle drawn with the mouse. - Jan 28 2007
aargh, i see, it's a complete disaster :)
I will have to seek in the windec code wat's going wrong... - Jan 08 2007
Do you mean the vertical spacing of menu items (is already configurable) or the horizontal spacing between the menubar items? - Dec 30 2006
the classical ./configure
make install

should go, just pay attention to have the development packages for qt and kdelibs installed - Dec 30 2006
I decided not to do an exact copy, the detail that is similar to ubuntulooks is the highlight (top and bottom) on mouseover of the scrollbar handle.
- Dec 18 2006
in the lineEdit field I only have control of the one-two pixels norder, in the inner rectangle, where the input text lays I absolutely can't paint (if I paint something, it will be overwritten by the white rectangle) - Dec 02 2006
for the menu the problem is that if it is rounded, in order to not to have garbage pixels al the rounded corners it's necessary to go with the current buggy fake alpha blending (at the mement polyester doensn't use it for the menus, and here is the why of the four bright pixels at the corners)
I could try if i can manage to add it if it's not too invasive.

for the rounded corners, i think that certain widgets as the checkboxes are too little to have the corners too rounded, it would result in unclean shapes (but it's only a personal opinion) - Dec 01 2006
1) uhm, yeah, i see, I think it could be some sort of rounding error, i will investigate, maybe an adjustment of one-two pixels is enough...
2) yes, I'm not very happy with the decoration code, i fear that for a performance increase a whole rethinking of the code should be necessary, at the moment I have no time...

3)I always thought that was a qt/kde problem, could you tell me what is the theme that does it right? - Dec 01 2006
uhm, since I think the configuration dialog it's too crowded already I could make a similar mousehover effect on scrollbars when the colored scrollbars option is turned off, it's a matter of 4 lines of code :) - Nov 21 2006
I've added a link to it. - Nov 05 2006
uhm, yeah, I should convince automake to include it the distribution...
in the meantime, I've put them on
and uncompress it in the client folder - Oct 31 2006
Do you mean the buttons of the widget or the ones of the titlebar?
the buttons of the widget are not pixmaps,
instead the buttons of the titlebar are the svgs stored in client/images folder of the sources.
after modifying them you should re run the script from the client directory - Oct 31 2006
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9   Dec 17 2010

Aurorae Themes
by megabigbug

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9   Dec 17 2010

Aurorae Themes
by Strahlex

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9   Dec 17 2010
Score 81.0%
9   Dec 17 2010