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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 499 comments

by mart
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Dec 13 2007
Thanks, added it in the download page - Oct 16 2006
I will see if I can manage to do a more intelligent spec that autodetects the distribution (should be pretty easy) - Oct 15 2006
Great! I've put the link in the page :) - Oct 15 2006
at the moment it hasn't dcop calls.
And being a kicker applet I fear it should have being loaded into kicker otherwise it won't work, so the tastymenu button should be present both in kicker and ksmoothdock,and that wouldn't be pretty :( - Oct 06 2006
uhm, I feel that a tabbar would make the menu too cluttered?
a test should be done how much people use that combobox.
As for the tooltips, they are already in, but for some reasons they are not always displayed, I think it could be a kde/qt bug because I also found that problem in other apps. - Sep 27 2006
did you restarted kicker/installed tasty menu in the proper location? - Sep 25 2006
it's done via a dcop call to kicker, executed after an app is launched via kmenu or with alt+f2. the sad thing is that in kde 3.5 that feature is broken so the results are very unreliable.
It's fixed in the 3.5 branch of subversion, so in a future 3.5.5 it should work better. - Sep 25 2006
Ooops, I forgotten a little detail :-P(an #include is missing).
It compiles only when ./configure --enable-final is used .
Give me some minutes and I will upload a fixed version. - Sep 25 2006
as for the favourites I fear you discovered one of that bugs very hard to spot, I will investigate if I can do something about it (and if I can't fix it in the next version will be possible to add bookmarks with a right mouse button menu, by the way).
As for the second problem, does the menu window have a border? (you can switch between a normal window and a menu with the expected behaviour with that little arrow button at the top right of the window) - Sep 25 2006
It's strange, I don't have that problem, I should figure out how to reproduce it... - Sep 10 2006
I don't know if I've exactly understood what do you mean: you mean autoscrolling when the mouse approaches the bottom of the list? - Aug 31 2006
The problem is that the standard kicker buttons aren't exposed for the use af 3rd party applet and so a big code duplication is needed.
I wanted to mantain it as simple as possible, even if the only way to make it a little bit fitt's friendly is to disable the applet handles in kicker configuration. - Aug 21 2006
The last crashes that still remains are harder to spot, I' ve corrected some possible causes around here, but I don't know where all the possible causes are.
For the garzillions of fake new installed apps I think I've found a solution, in the next release a such thing shouldn't happen again (at least I hope) - Aug 14 2006
strange, it's the only part that never crashed to me, i ope i will be able to reproduce what's going wrong, but yes, adding an option to switch it off will be possible. - Aug 13 2006
ok, understood. I will try to Cachegrinding it to see where is the problem - Aug 12 2006
The cpu consumption stays fixed to 42% all the time even when the menu is closed and not used?
if it is when searching or opening a submenu I know, that part is very heavy indeed, I still haven't found a way to make it lighter, I will investigate on that... - Aug 11 2006
Uhm, a preferences dialog reachable by a RMB menu exists (on menu button) maybe I will add also a RMB menu also to menu entries for some menu editing options - Aug 10 2006
you can right click on the menu button and choose "configure global shortcuts..."
If you want assign the KMenu alt+F1 shotcut you must go to "configure..." and then under behaviour activate the "override alt+f1 shortcut" and then restart kicker (I know It's not too confortable but there wasn't a simpler way for overriding alt+f1)

If you want to map the win key well, this is far more complex, because the win key is a modifier like ctrl or alt, so you can't assign a shortcut to the win key only without a combination.
The only way is to remap the win key to a normal key that is not present on the keyboard (i.e. F13) but this involves to manually change the xkb config files - Aug 10 2006
I think I've corrected it some days ago, I'm going to release a bugfix version so let's see... - Aug 07 2006
You explained it perfectly, I agree with you. - Aug 05 2006
yes, I fear that there are still some problems...
btw, the configuration file is at

~/.kde/share/config/tastymenu_panelapplet_bigEvilRandomNumber_rc - Aug 03 2006
It's not present the tasty menu entry in the "add applet to panel" dialog? - Aug 03 2006
yes, it supports them, I still haven't tried to add one (probably a little bit of war with the build system wiill be needed :)). In the next version I will add a translation, so it can be used as a skeleton to add more of them. - Aug 03 2006
I've putted also your package in the list, let me know if it's ok.

for the messed up comments it's very strange: these are files autogenerated by the qt uic from the qt designer files, I absolutely don't know what could be the cause... - Aug 02 2006
I wish to thank everyone that has made a binary package.
Now I've put all the links to your packages in the download links. Let me know if it's ok or not. - Aug 02 2006
yes that option seriously need to be added, I think I should be able to add it in the next version. But on the other hand I think I should avoid a jungle of garzillions of configuration options, so I would be cautious on adding options. - Aug 02 2006
argh, in effect i've never tested that, I should look around what the other applets and applications do in order to manage this :( - Aug 02 2006
Uhm, I don't know if i will do it, because I always preferred native look and feel for the apps, because they are more consistent and first of all have less bugs (reimplementing all the painting routines of every widget used is a true hell)

for the most/recently used list, yes at the moment it doesn't work because it uses the kde one that is broken since 3.5.0 maybe I will reimplement one from myself - Aug 02 2006
argh, I messed up the source package: that files shouldn't exist because ase automatically generated from qt designer - Aug 02 2006
wow, thanks, can I put the link directly on the downlload links? - Aug 02 2006
as I said in the other post I was thinking to add an option to show the +/- subtree expander on the first level (and in this case the menus could be always collapsed by default) - Aug 01 2006
1)Do you intend directly a textbox like the kicker applet? i'm skeptic about having two textbox into the menu, wouldn't it be too much?

2)maybe I could have an option to show the +/- subtree expander on the first level

3)yes, i think it could be done.

4)again i think it would be too much - Aug 01 2006
I can't reproduce the problem with edit user profile, but I have the same problem with calling lock screen, it seems that if i call close() instead of hide() before the dcop call for locking the screen it stops working... strange. I will correct that - Aug 01 2006
Thanks, I think to have spotted some possible null pointer into fillMoreUsed() and fillRecentlyUsed() - Jul 28 2006
It use the same most used applications list that kmenu uses, but unfortunately since KDE 3.5.0 that list is terribly broken (all we can do is vote for

But I decided to use that list because it's updated also by the alt+f2 dialog, and let's hope it will be fixed - Jul 27 2006
uhm, here on a kubuntu dapper(standard install and no modified menu structure, btw) it seems working well.
I think It's some strange issue that comes out only in particular menu configurations - Jul 27 2006
for franzf:
I have the same concerns about extending the search to both the middle and right column.

I chose the current approach not only because it's easy to implement, but also because when you enter a search query you have all the result clickable without searching in what caregory it is, and since it mantains the tree structure, you can learn what is the hierarchy. - Jul 27 2006
very very strange...
I will try it on a kubuntu dapper, and if I can't reproduce these bugs I will annoy you a little bit for some details :-) - Jul 27 2006
uhm, combining the displayed result in two columns would be tecnically much harder but I will see what i can do... - Jul 26 2006
a few thoughts:
It's already doing that, but only when the mouse button is pressed, I think doing that also when the mouse button is not pressed would be a little bit annoying, maybe I should use a ~400ms timeout when the mouse button is pressed and ~1s when is not pressed?

2)yes, I think it could be done


4)Uhm, I don't know if a mixed approach between listviews and traditional menus will be much usable - Jul 26 2006
uhm, exotic?
what happens precisely? - Jul 25 2006
hello everyone,
For the bug, it's strange, after clicking on the clear button the combobox should always be reactivated
It's exactly as you said, but it would be easy to make a new combobox item that displays all the applications and when something is typed in the search box instead of deactivating the combobox, it switches to all applications mode and filters it out. But wouldn't be the list of all applications too huge and so of a very modest utility?
2 or 3)
Definitely, I think the mouse over highlight should come back to the currently open submenu - Jul 25 2006

KDE 3.5 Themes 395 comments

by mart
Score 50.0%
Feb 17 2009
great, I will put the link in this page for a better visibility if you don't mind - Oct 12 2006
nice idea: maybe two separate settings for width and height of the buttons? - Oct 08 2006
did you have installed the theme to the right prefix? (in suse do ./configure --prefix=/opt/kde3) - Oct 01 2006
It's due to a version mismatch between the installed kde version and the one on which the theme was builth

I fear you will have to build it yourself :-( - Oct 01 2006
it will be corrected in the next release - Sep 17 2006
I fear this is an issue that pops only on amd64, since I don't have one will be a blind hunt, but I will search for that bug - Aug 21 2006
uhm, I see, yeah, ugly indeed. I will see what i can do - Aug 21 2006
It's a problem of the build system, uhm appeared in both polyester and tastymenu i see... unfortunately I don't know much of automake... I will see what i can do. - Aug 15 2006
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9   Dec 17 2010

Aurorae Themes
by megabigbug

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9   Dec 17 2010

Aurorae Themes
by Strahlex

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9   Dec 17 2010
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9   Dec 17 2010