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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 499 comments

by mart
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Dec 13 2007
uhm, I don't know, I always found a little dispersive having all the programs in a separate menu, but on the other hand it would make the menu a little bit less wide
yes, it should be easy
It could be done, but It's a wise thing making every single pixel configurable?
I think that it could be possible optimizing it enough to be totally istantaneous
If you have some megabytes that you don't know what to do about them... thanks :-)
I should use the global kicker configuration fot the presence or not of the tooltip - Jul 25 2006
fixed it in 0.4.1, now it moves the menu in the right position after having opened it.
In the future I will seek a more elegant solution - Jul 24 2006
At the moment it isn't uploaded to any svn server, I'm working (Horror!) without version control.
The two projects on sourceforge I have opened are with 0% activity from years, I don't want open another project that probably it will die in the same way too :-) - Jul 24 2006
> When i open the menu first ...

Yeah, you're right: I wrongly compute the position before resizing the window, I use to have the taskbar on top of the screen so i didn't noticed that :-P
So bugfix release is mandatory in the next few days :) - Jul 24 2006
in the 0.4 version the size of that icons is configurable, maybe I will find some smarter ways in the future. - Jul 24 2006
yeah, it's possible. unfortunately I don't have a 64bit machine to test it, but I will seek in the code if there is somewhere some stupid assumption like "the integer are 32 bits long" or something else.

For the bookmarks icons maybe i will make their size configurable. - Jul 24 2006
ok, thanks.
I hope I have corrected the crash that occurs in TastyListViewItem::setup()
Now i'm investigating in other possible null pointer and i hope to release an hopefully more stable version today or tomorrow - Jul 24 2006
oh, and another thing that could be helpful is the backtrace text provided by the crash dialog: it doesn't say much but is handful to find what is the method that caused the disaster. - Jul 23 2006
I thought a lot about these frequent crashed that it seems I can't reproduce and now i believe that it's due to the menu structure.
If you don't mind, can you send me your ~/.config/menus/ file? (it contains the whole menu hierarchy) - Jul 23 2006
Unfortunately these are problems very hard to spot, since i don't have many tests systems.
vhat distribution/kde version do you have (let's see if i can reproduce the bug) - Jul 18 2006
It is not enabled by default, but entering a query into the search field can fire up a kerry beagle window with the query you entered (a simple little dcop call) - Jul 18 2006
both of them.
increasing the size of kicker the k icon scales as well, and is possible to configure the size of the icons of the menu items. (it's necessary to make the applet handles visible in the kicker preferences in order to access the tastymenu configuration dialog) - Jul 10 2006
>(1) Auto-selection of menu node on mouseover (I think someone already suggested this)

it works on today's version

>(2) Resizable window/columns

I was thinking about the possibility to detach the menu and making a normal window/desktop widget (of course configurable on the fly)

>(3) Addition of an "execute command" text box

yeah, maybe I will add it since I was thinking about a little reordering of the bottom buttons

>(4) Clicking on whitespace area inside a listview area launches the last item hovered over. Minor detail, but should it just ignore the click & launch nothing?

yes, my fault :-) - Jul 09 2006
did it :-) - Jul 09 2006
Unfortunately I don't have an amd64, so I can't test it, but I think I've spotted the problem (that caused some crashes on x86 too).
I don't know if I will have time to release a new version today, but maybe tomorrow i will be able to put it online, so we'll see if it keeps crashing or not... - Jul 07 2006
this is definitely planned, It's gonna need still a little bit of work to acieve but i think it's feasible - Jul 04 2006
yes, I plan to insert the features that it still lacks compared to a true popup menu. - Jul 02 2006
uhm, i don't know, i still hadn't play so much with debian,but i promise I will remedy that :-)
for that compile error yes, there is something wrong, I hadn't tested it on many systems, maybe tomorrow i will disable that feature that doesn't compile everywhere until I understand what's going wrong. - Jul 02 2006
what is the version of kde/qt? maybe it's a version incompatibility...

anyway, you can comment or replace with an if(0) the line 144 of tastylistview.cpp (and line 56 of menuhandler.cpp), they are important only with reverse layout locales - Jul 02 2006
Polyester Kubuntu Edgy/Dapper package

KDE 3.5 Themes 7 comments

Score 50.0%
Dec 18 2006
as usual i've placed a link to this page on polyester entry, if you don't mind - Jun 19 2006

KDE 3.5 Themes 395 comments

by mart
Score 50.0%
Feb 17 2009
yeah, it was my fault when I reimplemented the text-painting routine on the tabs, and it's an one line fix.
Maybe i will make a bugfix release in 2-3 days. - Jun 07 2006
uhm, i don't know. the problem is that a gigantic configuration dialog with zillions of switches wouldn't be the maximum of usability.
i was thinking about making some configuration (the ones that leads to less visible changes) options only available by editing the configuration file. - Jun 07 2006
yes, I was thinking to do so, but since it uses some kde specific functions i fear i would have to get the svm trunk kde and make it work, and i don't have time for that at the moment (maybe i will look about making a qt4-only version of it) - Jun 07 2006
but at the moment it's utterly broken :-) - Jun 07 2006
but at the moment it's utterly broken :-) - Jun 07 2006
ok, I think i've understood what went wrong, it shouldn't be hard to fix. - Jun 03 2006
uhm, what is the problem? here it seems to work, can you put a screenshot of it somewhere? - Jun 03 2006
>faster doubleclicks
try to tweak the "doubleclick interval" setting on the peripherals->mouse->advanced kcontrol module

>titlebar has the same softer glassy look as the buttons

maybe i haven't understood what you have asked, but doesn't the "titlebar style" option do what you want? - May 30 2006
It's standard Bitstream Vera Sans, but with freetype recompiled with the hinting bytecode interpeter enabled (in some countries illegal due to a patent issue)
- May 26 2006
oh my god! i tought it was my videocard drivers' fault, instead it's my fault :-)
(the problòem should be in paintEvent() ) - Apr 20 2006
uhm, strange, here doesn't seem to have problems..
maybe it's the time i must finally decide to learn how to use a profiler? :-D - Apr 19 2006
it looks bad whenthe content of the tab isn'filled by a textbox like konsole or quanta, but since very few (maybe none) actual kde apps have a bottom tabbar with the tab content not filled by a textbox i think i can use a renderSurface on the bottom tab without any problems. - Apr 19 2006
yes, that is a very nice theme indeed.
maybe i should experiment a little bit around those ideas (without creating an exact copy eh :-)) - Apr 19 2006
yeah, i know. i tried to add the glass effect on the bottom tabbar, but it didn't look very good, i should do more experiments.. - Apr 11 2006
The coloring algorithm of the sliders now is fixed
It works better now, but the slider and filling are still out of sync.

yes, especially a little bit of licker it should be used double buffering between the drawing of the slider and the slider handle, but they are drawn by two separate calls of drawprimitive, so i'm not sure if it's possible.

colored the header of the sorted field in listviews
Doesn't work.
highlighting listview and table headers on mouse over
Doesn't work.

uhm, strange, here bot of two works, i tried them in some different apps but seems no prob.
what is the problem: the listview is drawn exactly as the previous version or there are graphic bugs?

Little usability feature: [...] (this is similar to iTunes behaviour)
I didn't get that. Where should I go to see it working?

every listview with an horizontal scrollbar, like the detailed list viewmode in konqueror, scrolling horizontally the view the header label of name field remains fixed.

hopefully fixed a paint bug in glass style titlebar
If that's about the bug I reported, now the bug occurs only with about half the windows I try, including Konqueror, BasKet, abakus, KleanSweep and minicli. Weird. I tried with a dozen other kinds of windows and couldn't trigger it.

strange, i triedon all of this apps and i can't trigger it, i should investigate more.
the problem was a rounding error when the titlebar height was odd, when (height/2)*2=height-1

titlebar button style can be configured in: "Gradients", "glass" and "Reverse gradients" look and feel
Only Flat's left out in the rain crying, eh? :)

uhm, yeah, maybe i should add it :) - Apr 01 2006
now it should be corrected. - Mar 31 2006
ops :-)
of course forgotten to update it - Mar 31 2006
argh!, maybe the binaries compiled under kde 3.5 are not binary compatible with kde 3.4? - Mar 31 2006
argh, looks like an ugly rounding error in the size calculation of the painted area, it should be easy to fix - Mar 29 2006
oh, thanks :-) - Mar 29 2006
ok, fixed.
the correct formula was:
coloredWidth = ((double)r.width()/(slider->maxValue()-slider->minValue()))*(slider->value() - slider->minValue());
(and so for the height)

and thanks again for your help :-) - Mar 25 2006
oh, thanks dude!
now it is much better :-)

the only very strange thing I noted is that some sliders are drawn correctly with the size computed as
coloredWidth = ((double)r.width()/slider->maxValue()-slider->minValue())*(slider->value() + slider->minValue());

some others only with

coloredWidth = ((double)r.width()/slider->maxValue())*(slider->value() + slider->minValue());

for example in the "panels" control center module there are both types of sliders
i should investigate why - Mar 25 2006
ok, i'll do that
if i understood correctly i should change the line
KEYWORDS="x86 amd64"
correct me if i am wrong, i'm not very expert about Gentoo. - Mar 20 2006
uhm, yeah, it has gotten better, but the colored area movement still seems not syncronized (it's still drawn correctly only after the mouse button is released) - Mar 18 2006
oh, thank you man :-) - Mar 18 2006
uhm, yeah i noticed that. the problem is that it seems the property QSlider->value() has the value the slider had -before- the indicator was moved, i still hadn't found a way to resolve it :-(. - Mar 12 2006
here they works, i think the only thing is that this setting for some reasons affects only apps started after the contranst has been applyed and not the old ones. - Mar 12 2006

Icon Sub-Sets 48 comments

by mart
Score 41.4%
Jun 03 2006
ok, the version uploaded today has the correct filename - Jun 03 2006
Polyester kubuntu

KDE 3.5 Themes 2 comments

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Mar 31 2006
great work, if you don't mind i would like to put a link to this page on polyester page, only to have a place where all binaries are listed - Mar 31 2006
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9   Dec 17 2010

Aurorae Themes
by megabigbug

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9   Dec 17 2010

Aurorae Themes
by Strahlex

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9   Dec 17 2010
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9   Dec 17 2010