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Martin Zimmermann southgermany, Germany
Cpu Frequency Selector Ruby

Plasma 4 Extensions by 0xDeadC0de 20 comments

same here ... Ruby Plasmoid says "Dieses Objekt kann aus folgendem Grund nicht erstellt werden: Script-Initialisierung fehlgeschlagen"

"Was nun tun sprach Zeus?" ... oder war es so ähnlich?

Leider beschränken sich meine Ruby Kenntnisse aufs starten von Ruby Programmen ;-) - Mar 15 2011

Graphic Apps by koral 61 comments

Hi ...
... on 0.6 webcam did not switch off after exit of program ...
... no compile of 0.7.1 on openSuSE 11.1 because qt4.6 required :-( ... any chance for change? Better use older qt for more compatibility :-)

Great job ...

Martin - Aug 20 2009

Graphic Apps by koral 61 comments


is there any activity for new version?

Source code in svn or something else?

Here my favorites for new features:
- Chance to fix aspect ratio for wall paper
- option dialog for some global settings
* buttons maybe seen without touching with mouse
- save for some templates
- different frames or no frame
- text in picture frames (default to some format string!)
- text with 2 or more lines extend frame around picture
- text to left or right or middle ... auto linebreak

- xml format for layout-files (maybe in future)
- any discription of actual layout format (.lay) files?

What about that project in google code? - Mar 04 2009

by amarok

7 .7
Apr 20 2011

Video Apps
by jbm

8 .6
Jul 17 2009

Graphic Apps
by koral

6 .8
Mar 25 2009