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tar service menu

Dolphin Service Menus by dieselweasel 6 comments

Hey wise ranger guy, you should really fully read what the guy is doing here before you start talking badly about his work.

He created a action service menu to create TAR files only.

Haven't you noticed, KDE does not come with a "Create tar Archive" only.

KDE only provides the following:
"Create gzipped Archive"
"Create bzipped Archive"
"Create zip Archive"
"Zip this directory"
"Archive & Encrypt Folder"

Some of us like creating only TAR files without sending it through gzip. We only want the foo.tar file, not the foo.tar.gz file.

Great work dieselweasel!

I noticed ranger made his comment a long time ago, around 4/22/2004 and today is 10/15/2004. I find it useful. I wonder if he'll read this since it's been so long since his comment? - Oct 15 2004