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Mathijs Rogiers Roeselare, Belgium
easter os

Wallpaper Other by debian1993 2 comments

Nice work. I reworked it a bit and made a flyer of it for a local (easter) party :p.
you can check it here if you want to:

I enlarged tux' ears :p. And I removed the linux icons because nobody would understand them :D. - Feb 04 2008
Singles monitors

Karamba & Superkaramba by alieno 4 comments

Good work! I like the theme.
But I have some remarks:
- In the instructions for the 'single_network' theme:
Quote:Probably you need to modifie the network device name like eth0 , eth1, etc...
To do this open with a text editor the file Wide_Net.theme
and search string device="eth1" and modify it like you need,
for example device="eth0".
You talk about a "Wide_Net.theme". I suppose you mean the "Single_Net.theme"?
(and a little typo: modifie should be modify.)

- Maybe you can put a .theme file for the users with a single core proc. Or make an instruction file where you say they can delete the part beginning with "core2"

But I really like your theme, it's now on my desktop! - Jul 24 2007
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Dolphin Service Menus by Blavkaste 20 comments

This is a very useful script for me!
Congrats :) - Jul 21 2007