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Mathias Rabe , Germany
Plasma 4 Extensions

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Mar 26 2009
I didn't test it, because I have no ubuntu.

But if there is a kio-slave for this it should work. - Jan 02 2010
If your URL doesn't work in konqueror this might be a problem of kio.

Maybe you should open a bug-report on - Jul 19 2009
You should use kwallet for your username and password.

Does your url work in konqueror? - Jul 18 2009
Drop2FTP opens the Bookmarkmanager through a slot provided by kbookmarkmanager. (slot is called slotEditBookmarks() see for further informations) So I don't know why this happen. I think this is a bug of KDE or Qt. Maybe an update could help, because I can't reproduce this behavior. Every plasmoid works like a charme on my computer. I don't know to which address this error goes but I would ask my distributor first. - Apr 09 2009
You mean, if you click on "Edit Bookmarks" in the settings you can't click on the K-Menu anymore?

Does this also happen, if you open the bookmarkmanager through Konqueror?

Do you use the latest version of KDE?

Here you can write bugreports: - Apr 09 2009
Sorry for my late answer.

Maybe you should contact the KIO development team, because this seams not to be a problem of Drop2FTP but of KIO. - Apr 09 2009
Are you shure that you have permission to the folder hou have specified in the settings? And are shure this folder does exist? Maybe there are some problems with the space in the name? Does the folder exist where you want to write?

Test your destination in a console with ls -la - Apr 01 2009
"Also, I would not want to be asked each time on a multiple-file transfer from the "open" dialog"

You can select more than one file in the "open" dialog.

"BTW, konqueror will not, it seems, open ftp"

Konqueror does support ftp. It uses KIO for this protocol and others like Drop2FTP does.

You can see which protocols are supported if you start kinfocenter and click on IO-Ports - Mar 26 2009
First of all Drop2FTP is not only an ftp-interface although it is called so. And I don't know why I should implement something like username or password. KIO is asking the user for these informations. Drop2FTP works like Konqueror in this case.

You also can save your username and password for every server by KIO. So you wont get asked for this. - Mar 25 2009
At the moment I don't have so much time. I will see what I can do, if I have more time. - Mar 12 2009
Added to my TODO List ;-)

You will find this feature in the next version. - Mar 03 2009
I only get this behavior if "img" rather "pics" is a file. Are you shure that this is a directory on your server?

If it's a folder than please contact the kio-dev-team for this. Maybe they know more. - Feb 16 2009
This behavior isn't reproducible for me. It works fine here. Could you please give me the exact phrase of the "file already exists" dialogue? Or could you make a screenshot? - Feb 15 2009
This behavior isn't reproducible for me. It works fine here. Could you please give me the exact phrase of the "file already exists" dialogue? Or could you make a screenshot? - Feb 15 2009
Try - Feb 13 2009
Thanks for the patch. I will try it if I have more time. - Feb 13 2009
Could you post the address where you want to send the file to?

In which directory is the file saved? - Feb 13 2009
Thanks to you and srog for the bugreport. I will fix this with version 0.3. Maybe there will be some other changes too, so it could take a while.

To your questions:

Drop2FTP is a kind of GUI for the KIO copy function. So you can specify a address in the settings. This can be an entire FTP-URL like or a directory on your PC (e.g. /home/USER/). Drop2FTP just copies the selected files to this address. If necessary KIO will ask you for the username and/or password.

How I said Drop2FTP is just a little GUI. KIO is the part which make the big job. So if KIO is supporting SCP, drop2FTP is suporting it too. - Jan 16 2009
Any errorcode? - Jan 14 2009
I hope I fixed this with the 0.2 release. - Jan 13 2009
I can't test this because I have no server with sftp. But it should work, because drop2ftp uses kio. I don't know how kio is handling this. - Jan 12 2009

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Nov 16 2014
Hey, which options does Audex use, if I rip as mp3 in "Extrem" Quality?

Normaly I just rip my files with the option -V2. Is it possible to enable this option in Audex? - Jul 17 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 11 comments

by justi
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May 25 2009 - Feb 14 2009
Nice one. I like it, but if I add the plasmoid on the desktop the layout gets broken. I'm using KDE 4.2 on my Suse 11.0 with the Oxygen Style.

A little suggestion: It would be nice if there is a little icon which I can place on the kicker. Then if I click on it, an extension with the gamelist should apear. So I can take the extension and put it everywhere on the destop where I want. - Feb 14 2009