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Video Apps by juergenk 179 comments

Hi, can you add satelite tabs ? (like progdvb) to not mix in list all satelite channels ;)
Thanks - Mar 05 2008

Network by hoganrobert 85 comments

Sorry, same problem. only TorK 0.18 work with remote... (tested 0.19 and 0.20)
when i try wizard, the window (locate_tor) ask me where is tor client path :/
- Sep 29 2007

Network by hoganrobert 85 comments

Not work if tor !not run in local machine.
i use tor and privoxy in (lan) remote machine.

"Tor's Authentication Cookie Not Available.
Tor said: Couldn't find authentication cookie in /home/john/.tor!
This means: If you stored it elsewhere, please copy it to the suggested location above"

back to old "0.18" :/ - Sep 21 2007