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System Software by Sho 1027 comments

For me the only reason not to use yakuke in KDE and start Konsole is the search function. Until now I thought that yakuake does not have one, but I just slipped from my keyboard and pressed some unknown shortcut. This opens the search bar at the top of the yakuake window. But unfortunately I can't reproduce the shortcut and don't find any information about it. Is this a easter egg or did I missed something? - Oct 22 2012

Audioplayers by CraigD 391 comments

If you develop in Ubuntu why don't you offer prebuilt *.deb packages??? I guess you will do many people a favour.
Is there any information about the required dev packages? Normal user don't have them on their system and don't know anything about their dependancies. - Oct 16 2012

Audioplayers by CraigD 391 comments

This is really the best mpd client I've ever used. And it's more stable than the most ones.
That's why I am very surprised that here are no packages provided at all. In my ubuntu system I wasn't able to build Cantata without modifying my system. I didn't want to solve the dependencies just to give yet another player a try (I haven't expected such a good one...).
Fortunately I've found an rpm package here:
This could be easily transformed to a deb file using alien. I've also seen that you provide Windows version on the google code site. So you could provide packages for 3 mainstream system without any effort on this page. I guess this would increase the number of users as well as supporters.
Thanks for the great tool! - Oct 13 2012
CPU and System Viewer

Plasma 4 Extensions by incunabulum2000 10 comments

Thanks for this nice widget!
Unfortunately my terminal is full of this message "No action defined for data from source cpu/system/TotalLoad" if I start plasma from konsole.
I've fixed it by replacing line 333 with
if self.lastUnknownSourceName != sourceName:
\t print "No action defined for data from source " + sourceName
self.lastUnknownSourceName = sourceName
Perhaps you can change this in your version, too. - Aug 31 2011
Easy SSH Connection

Plasma 4 Extensions by vgevorgyan 52 comments


Great widget! Even really handy that new konsole tabs automatically logs on the last connected ssh server.

Unfortunately the whole plasma desktop now waits for the kwallet password input, which is needed by the plasmoid. After entering the password the desktop starts indeed but it has just a few icons in the tray. Most of them are invisible because the icons haven't been loaded. I'm not shure whose fault this is but in my system this behavior started after installing the ssh easy connection plasmoid. If I restart plasma everything is fine again. - Nov 17 2010

by CraigD

Oct 13 2012