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Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi Aleppo, Syria
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VLC Extensions by aur 40 comments

Works like a charm - Oct 15 2019

Education Apps by abouzakaria 4 comments


Ps. I suggest to unify your project sources (use launchpad OR bzr of sourceforge) - May 26 2015

Education Apps by abouzakaria 4 comments

I tried to get recent source code of your project but unfortunately I failed because last commit done at 2013!!! - May 24 2015
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Developers Apps by dmitrykx 5 comments

May you please create a new binaries built by Qt5 - May 04 2014

System Software by sxe 11 comments

I successfully built simpleTagger in Windows but didn't know how to use! it's not integrated in Windows Explorer or worked standalone - Oct 04 2011

Graphic Apps by cs0rbagomba 17 comments

Thanks a lot for great project but I'm wondering why you're trying to clone Freemind features while [url=]xmind[/url] has many advanced features!

I suggest to bring some xmind features instead of Freemind. - Jul 05 2011

Email by wambagilles 1 comment

You've to put this project in because it's Proprietary Qt Applications - Jun 30 2011
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Developers Apps by ruzik 7 comments

In case you'll not provide the source code, you've to put his software in instead of here. - Jun 30 2011
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VLC Extensions
by aur

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10   Oct 15 2019
Works like a charm