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Thomas Marikle
Easy SSH Connection

Plasma 4 Extensions by vgevorgyan 52 comments

Nice job; this makes for a nice one click remote job launch. Adding a command that can be sent would be nice. I've tweaked the code a little to give me a quick way to achieve this (didn't go so far as to add the field myself). The -p, -r, and -l parameters for ssh needed to be pushed before the hostname for me to be able to add something like "yum -y update". (very handy little plasmoid) - May 19 2010
Bible Runner

Web Runners by mdaa83 4 comments

...but to answer your question, I don't believe it will be terribly difficult. I'm working on an HTML scraper now for the two other translations that I'd like to include; I'll see what I can do about the configuration dialog too. - Oct 09 2009
Bible Runner

Web Runners by mdaa83 4 comments

I am considering the inclusion of a configuration method that allows you to enter the URL of the site that you would like to study selected verses in. With that, you can pick any site that you prefer. - Oct 09 2009
Mar 09 2010