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Emilio Numazaki
JK Bridge - Brazil

Bridges by ribeiro1981 2 comments

Nice, very nice!

This bridge is really cool!
(I'm from Brasilia) :) - Sep 05 2005
Finnish sunset

Wallpaper Other by aleivo 3 comments

Nice! Very nice! Thanks for this one! - Jul 28 2005
Life is a Dash...

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 42 comments

Sorry, but Hitler wasn't Atheist. - Dec 16 2003

Bootsplash Various by stupidity 6 comments

Nice job! What do you think about to change the place of "press f2" message? Less visible... - Nov 27 2003
built-in K-menu manager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by MMax 6 comments


I'm confused about the way of KMenu get its entries. For example, in Debian, we found three directories:

1 - /usr/share/applnk
2 - /var/lib/menu/kde
3 - ~/.kde/share/applnk

I suppose 1 is the system menu, all users will have that menu structure. Number 2 I have no idea and 3 are the user specific entries. Lets suppose I wants to change the menu structure. How could I translate the new structure for some languages? What is the file that contains the i18n of KMenu directories?

tnx! - Aug 13 2003