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david collins
nice girl

Wallpapers Ubuntu by kakomon26 6 comments

Yeah I agree with the above. Let them share what they want. You don't like, then don't look. - Feb 19 2009
Chuck Norris approve!

Cliparts by Vecna 4 comments

only problem is Chuck Norris sucks - Feb 19 2009
Tango Eclipse Splash Screen

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by andycr 2 comments

Not that I am trying to bash eclipse or anything, but you should really give Geany a try. Its fast, lightweight, open-source and pretty easy to extend. It might not meet your needs, but if you have never tried it, check it out. Its in the repos ( i use ubuntu ), and you can google it and download the latest update from the SVN server. CHECK IT!!!! It's all I ever use - Apr 25 2008
ubuntu human

Wallpapers Ubuntu by matdombrock 1 comment

Everything looks great except for the black ubuntu text. lighten that up and it will look sweet! - Apr 22 2008
Eating Linux - Session 09

Wallpaper Other by nicosiaf77 1 comment

Let me get some of your tots! - Apr 22 2008
Space 3D frugalware Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by masta64 2 comments

Sorry to be rude, but how do you have a beta for a wallpaper.... - Apr 22 2008