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Jacob Bullock Antioch, United States of America
Neon Glow Menu bar

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Mar 05 2011
any suggestions on colors you guys want or need. - Mar 06 2011
TUX LINUX 1280x800

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May 20 2009
Link is fixed. - May 15 2009
Remember to follow the penguin. - May 15 2009
I Prefer LINUX

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May 14 2009
I used the BuuF-Deuce iconset and OverGlossed Black GTK 2 theme - May 07 2009
Broken Mac Menu bar

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Dec 16 2008
The brown one I found on DeviantART last year sometime. - Jan 03 2009
I made it for a computer company a friend and I are starting. - Jan 03 2009
Is it pretty much the same brown as your screenshot of Brownuntu? - Dec 16 2008
can do. - Dec 16 2008
that what i was thinking of doing for the updated version - Dec 16 2008
The One Necklace

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Dec 15 2008
When you stop saying they are. Not imaginary, the only truth still left in this world. - Dec 18 2008
Because it symbolizes what was done for all of humanity. - Dec 15 2008

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Dec 16 2008
Glad you enjoy it. - Dec 16 2008
Vista/Aero Menu image

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Dec 15 2008
I like MacOS, Windows, and Linux. I know my way around all of them. I don't have a Mac, so I use both my Linux and Windows machines for media and graphics and I use my Windows for gaming. Frankly, I don't think the world could survive without Windows. It's too embedded into everyone's head about that's the only OS available, in my opinion. The market is just way too flooded with Microsoft's machines. - Dec 15 2008
Just testing thing out before I actually make a REAL image. But there are still those who try to make their linux look like a windows system.....pointless if you ask me. - Dec 15 2008
Glossy MenuBar Image Pack

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Dec 14 2008
Yes I know the preview image looks terrible, but once a color is set for the bar, it's much better than the preview because it doesn't have the other colors throwing it off. - Dec 14 2008
Currently working on a package that has more colors to choose from. - Dec 14 2008