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John Merlino
Enter Blue

Wallpaper Other by merlino211 3 comments

Regretfully, this image was made when i was extremely tired. I finished it,saved it to png, and passed out. I thought that I would of saved the pdf file like always but... if i did, its been misplaced, if I didn't... I am an idiot.

In any case, I am glad you've enjoyed it... if I find it, I'll send you a message and provide you with the pdf so you can make it your desired size. - Nov 18 2005

Wallpaper Other by vadimnab 2 comments

Maybe I am just one for unusual/unique work but this actually made me smile a bit. Nice little photo for someone who enjoys it. - May 21 2005

Wallpaper Other by merlino211 6 comments

if you click download you'll see the missing area has been modified... because stars have no set or true pattern in the universe, it was my best idea to draw a couple blank, dull, dark spots. I did my best to make it look more natural in the updated photo (click download to get it) and even worked in some more gas on it. The problem that you see was a sloppy first step to it but enver corrected. The new one, however, does a good job at correcting it. I also added a halo to the planet. I'll update the screenshot in a second. - May 19 2005

Wallpaper Other by merlino211 6 comments

Thank you both for your comments. I have tried to cover up the eraser marks and scatter the stars a little bit better but fear I may of gone too far. Let me know. I also plan to make the planet look a little bit more "in-place" by adding a light blue "heavenly glow" to it. - May 18 2005
Darkmac I

Wallpaper Other by merlino211 2 comments

the annoying lines were bugging me too... However, it seems the Gradient Overlay causes it and my attempts to solve the problem have failed... anyone have any ideas? lol - Feb 24 2005
Electric Ghost

Wallpaper Other by merlino211 3 comments

It's actually just a lense flair. I learned it from a tutorial ages ago and did some modifications to it. If you want to leave me an e-mail I'll send you the instructions for it :-)

Merlino at - Feb 24 2005
Mac Orbs

Wallpaper Other by merlino211 3 comments

I added a bigger one to the 1280x1024 family. If you need it any bigger just let me know. - Jan 23 2005