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Kwin Effects 13 comments

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Oct 26 2012
plasmapkg --type kwinscript -i 154858-presentwindowsclone.kwinswitcher

Your mistake was the type "kwinscript", it's type "kwineffect" - Oct 29 2012
sorry, then you have to wait till 4.10 like everybody else :-) - Oct 27 2012
There's a bug in plasmapkg. Only plasmapkg as of current master can install the script. You can manually copy the files to the right location. The content should go to ~/.kde/share/apps/kwin/effects/kwin4_effect_maximize/ and the metadata.desktop should be copied in addition to ~/.kde/share/kde4/services/kwin/kwin4_effect_maximize.desktop - Oct 26 2012
Present Windows Clone

Kwin Switching Layouts 10 comments

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Oct 22 2012
plasmapkg -t windowswitcher -i <filename> - Oct 27 2012
yeah there is a magical import tool called GHNS button which will become visible in 4.9.3 - Oct 27 2012

Various KDE Stuff 16 comments

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Jul 25 2010
This crash has been fixed in 0.3.1.

Thanks for reporting - Jul 25 2010
Probably my CMakeLists.txt is incorrect :-) But I know that the missing symbols are part of kdebase-workspace. - May 09 2010
Please install package kdebase-workspace-dev - May 08 2010
ah yes, the Category line is available in the packages as the build service complained about that as well ;-) So this will be fixed with the next upload.

Thnaks for providing an Arch package - Apr 05 2010
Aurorae Theme Engine

Various Plasma Theming 178 comments

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Aug 14 2009
Please do not use the Aurorae version offered here. Aurorae is part of KWin since KDE SC 4.4! For 4.3 most distributions offer packages. This version here is completely outdated and unsupported! - May 23 2010
The Plasma overlay element should be supported. I never tested it, but Aurorae in general supports everything Plasma theming supports. - May 09 2010
That's already implemented in trunk (aka 4.5) - Feb 11 2010
I just committed support for glow. It will be available in KDE SC 4.5 - Jan 29 2010
Fixed with svn rev 1077223 and should be in RC 2. Thanks for pointing out that bug, but in future please use for Aurorae bugs ;-) - Jan 19 2010
Sorry, I do not get what you want to ask. The buttons are working fine, if the theme provides them. - Dec 29 2009
Aurorae has been developed for KWin and is part of the KDE SC 4.4. It relys on features provided by KWin. If it works with Compiz I don't know - I haven't tested. AFAIK Compiz supports the API required by Aurorae, but I do not know which version of Compiz is required, but "Fusion" is probably too old.

Nevertheless the recommended window manager for Aurorae is KWin. - Dec 05 2009
Just committed the change to svn. Themes can configure the titleEdge values for maximized state, but it defaults to the values configured for normal state. That is nothing is changed for existing themes. - Nov 01 2009
If you have a good backtrace, please report a bug on for product "kwin" component "decoration".

Yes in general: please report bugs and feature request on the normal KDE bugtracker. Aurorae will be part of KDE 4.4 and that's easier to handle and requests don't get lost. - Aug 26 2009
I had a look on how Oxygen solves the problem and yes it has to be fixed in the engine.

I probably will add some new configurable keys for TitleEdgeRight/Left/Top/Bottom in maximized state. So the themes can still define how it should look. But I am unsure about the default value. I prefer a "backward compatible" way by making those values optional. - Aug 16 2009
which theme are you using? Laying out the buttons is part of the theme. Nevertheless there could be a bug. - Aug 15 2009
try running kbuildsycoca4 - Aug 06 2009
The Aurorae category is for Aurorae themes. The theme engine itself is still a native decoration. So it has to stay in this category. - Aug 05 2009
the menu icon size is hardcoded. Will be fixed with next update - Aug 04 2009
I think Nitrogen/Oxygen cannot be compared with a theme engine. If you don't like one theme use another one. If you think it has to be changed fork it.

And there is no decision as that is a design goal. - Aug 03 2009
Changing options is not intended. Aurorae gives power to the designer not to the user. It is expected that the designer knows better than the user how the theme should look like and what the perfect border size is. Nevertheless it's still possible to overwrite the options by changing the values manually in the config file.

About ghns: already implemented and waiting for a kde-look update ;-) - Aug 03 2009
I've never build any KDE app from a user point of view. So I can't provide an install file and there is no need as distros provide or will provide packages.

Here is the install from fancy tasks which should work as well:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix`
sudo make install
kbuildsycoca4 - Jul 24 2009
about the glow:

I added a text shadow in rev 998382. I guess I could extend it to be more configurable to make such a glow possible. - Jul 18 2009
With rev 998257( it is possible to define a custom width for each button type. - Jul 17 2009
- Option to set glow text in title (like vista theme or vrunner engine emerald)
Sorry I don't know what it is supposed to look like and I must admit that I don't understand the source code you added - it is out of context and I language I don't know.
- Options to change the width of the button close (themes like chrome and vista)
Individual button width? Yes that can be added. I think individual button height does not make sense - Jul 16 2009
sorry to say but KDE 4.2 is not supported. It might be better for you to just wait for distribution packages which will probably be available together with KDE 4.3. - Jul 16 2009
there is a documentation file in the archive. That should explain everything. If anything is missing or could be improved please leave a comment :-) - Jul 13 2009
It is already merged into KDE trunk - it will be part of KDE 4.4.

Yes it's possible to use the keep above button, but the used theme has to provide an svg file for the button. The engine only uses buttons which are supported by the theme. - Jul 13 2009
- Text alignment (left, center, right) for the application name in the titlebar.
Already available as part of the theme configuration
- Option to set round corners
Possible in svgs
- Options to change the width of the the borders and titlebar.
Available in the theme configuration
- Options to change the transparency of the borders and titlebar**
It's in the svg
- And an option to change the images of the borders and buttons***
That's a theme engine. It takes themes consisting of svgs for the decoration and the buttons. And there is one configuration file for border width. etc.

Everything is already there and of course there won't be an option to change that as it's supposed to be done in the theme. - Jul 09 2009
Sorry the whole thing about this engine is to have an svg engine. For pngs there is dekorator. Using pngs - that is unscalable graphics - would destroy the sense of the scaling theme engine. - Jul 07 2009
if there is an empty space the required element prefices are missing. Please have a look at the theme description file explaining how to name the elements or have a look at the existing deco. - Jul 05 2009
the package contains one example theme and a howto for creating own themes. - Jun 27 2009
sorry beta 2 is too old. You will have to wait for RC packages. I will try to package it myself or bug a kubuntu dev ;-) - Jun 25 2009
Yes of course. The problem is that in kwin's default the window get's resized several times and not once during a user resize.

So the solution I'm thinking of will not be a very nice one. - Jun 23 2009
deKorator is pixmap based. So it will be difficult to convert the themes.

I thought that being closer to Plasma themes is more important than being close to deKorator. And as deKorator fullfills its part as a pixmap based theme engine there is no need for another pixmap based engine. - Jun 23 2009
an SVG based theme engine will never be as fast as native painting. It requires to scale the SVG whenever there is a size change.

But I will of course try to improve the situation - espacially when resizing the window. - Jun 23 2009
4.2.92 should be enough. You can try :-) - Jun 21 2009
you're missing the development packages for kdebase-workspace. For example in Ubuntu it's called "kdebase-workspace-dev"

But currently there is probably no distribution, which has the required build dependency. You will have to wait till there are packages for RC available. - Jun 21 2009
You'll have to wait till KDE 4.3 RC packages are available as Beta 2 does not satisfy the build dependency.

I would build the package myself, but I have no experience at all in packaging. - Jun 18 2009
Desktop in Alt-Tab Switch

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 11 comments

Score 63.3%
May 02 2010
I already implemented this feature in 4.5 :-D It's optional, so you have to enable it, but it works quite nice. - May 06 2010
Ambiance Aurorae

Aurorae Themes 17 comments

Score 76.4%
Apr 08 2010
Button Grup background element has just been committed to trunk (tested with this theme). Documentation here:

Window Tabbing support is still missing - it is more difficult than expected :-( - May 01 2010
I guess the normal caching issues ;-) Will be gone with 4.5 hopefully. Apart from that the maximized window looks not realy nice as it uses the lighter center element. - Apr 14 2010
Tab support is planned to hit trunk before the soft-feauture freeze. Yesterday I pushed the rework based on GraphicsView to trunk, so Aurorae is in a state to easily add new features :-D Oh and the window title is already called AuroraeTab in the code. - Apr 13 2010

I tried the theme yesterday while adding new stuff to Aurorae and noticed that the theme looks broken if I change the button order (just like the original Ubuntu theme ;-) ). But we kan do better! Would you like to get a "buttonsgroup-background" FrameSvg in the decoration.svg? If you think it's useful, then I will add it. With the new framework I will soon push into svn trunk it will be easy to add and you will be able to use AuroraeDesigner to test it out even if your Aurorae version does not yet support it ;-)

Martin - Apr 12 2010
Chrome Aurorae

Aurorae Themes 24 comments

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Jan 25 2010
If you need more functionalities in Aurorae please open feature requests on You're the designer and I have no idea what you actually need.

Btw: great work. - Jan 25 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 153 comments

Score 75.8%
Jan 09 2013
I've just scrolled through your source and I can't understand why you extend KDecorationUnstable. It is onyl needed if the decoration is providing it's own shadows. Translucency is also available with KDecoration.

When using unstable the deco will break with KDE 4.4 as there will probably be changes to KDecorationUnstable again. So if you want that your users can still use the decoration when KDE 4.4 is released, you shouldn't use Unstable ;-) - Aug 12 2009