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Michael Grant

Audio Apps by ObsidianX 47 comments

So, the latest amaroK has a new DB schema.

There is a table called devices. This table is referenced by tags.deviceid. In order to build a fully qualified path to the track you need to get the devices.lastmountpoint + tags.url.

I had a working prototype but I lost the HD and when I look at the code I cannot remember what I did.

Basically there are two things to change.

1. Add a query in inc/sql.php that returns the lastmountpoint.

2. Modify stream.php to append the lastmountpoint to the url.

With these changes ObsidianMusic should properly resolve the path to the song and work.

-mg - Sep 16 2006

Audio Apps by ObsidianX 47 comments

I discovered that in stream.php the $url contains a leading '.'

For example:

If the song is:
"/home/mgrant/Music/SomeSong.mp3" then ObsidianMusic tries to stream:
"./home/mgrant/Music/SomeSong.mp3" which does not exist.

I don't know why the leading '.' is there but I've worked around it by changing the line:

'echo file_get_contents($url);'


'echo file_get_contents('/'.$url);'

Things are working for me once again. - Jul 29 2006

Audio Apps by ObsidianX 47 comments

Obsidian used to work great for me. Sometime recently it stopped. Not sure why.

In 2.03 stream.php doesn't seem to be working for ANY of my content. The song.pls gets built with what looks like valid data but the actual song URLs don't return data. I used to be able to use wget to pull the file but now it downloads a 0 byte file. - Jul 28 2006