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mo hataj

Audio Apps by attendant 84 comments

as transkode crashes regularly, it'd be nice to have a projectlist that doesn't disappear. saving the list after each transcode somwhere would be very nice.
so a script could monitor the process.
my error-script in my last message has nothing to do with compiz - it's interprocess-message that kills transkode and my steady problem here.

thanks for this great app, saved my fingermuscles renaming some hundred files - Aug 14 2008

Audio Apps by attendant 84 comments

transkode: ../../src/xcb_lock.c:33: _XCBUnlockDisplay: Assertion `xcb_get_request_sent(dpy->xcb->connection) == dpy->request' failed.
KCrash: Application 'transkode' crashing...

when something is touching the window (compiz-screensaver flying windows), transkode crashes.

thanks for this nice piece of software - Aug 12 2008