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Markus Hoffmann
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Linux 2006 - Xgl

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Aug 10 2006

style: baghira

superkaramba: liquid weather, dbKalendar, Contactlist, Glas-news, Milo-Calendar. The cd cover on screenshot #2 is a modification of amaroKer theme (all themes from

gkrellm (theme: milk)

icons: mixture of OS-L theme and IcOsX theme (both from IcOsX looks better by default but OS-L has more choice, so I merged them

background: the wallpaper on screenshot #1 and #2 is from (browse mac wallpapers... sorry, I don't have the url anymore)
wallpaper on screenshot #3 is a default wallpaper of MacOSX

hope this helps - Aug 17 2006
Just use the latest versions of Xgl and compiz. They are supposed to work with superkaramba without this problem. - Aug 13 2006
it's NVIDIA GeForce FX5900XT. I'm using the commercial NVidia driver - Aug 11 2006