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miguelangel leon Caracas, Venezuela
Wacom Control Panel

System Software by qb89dragon 303 comments

Thank you for the answer.

I'm using the 1.20 versiĆ³n on maverick meerkat (from ppa) and yes, every time I open the utility it creates a xorg.conf file with this content:
Quote:Section "ServerLayout"
and those tiny lines doesn't allow a full desktop start.

this is the only thing the panel shows then I restart and... black screen. I cannot even open a tty. Deleting the xorg.conf file is the only way to initialize my desktop.

Well I only dropped the gpen thing just as an exmaple because I own both tablets, a wacom bamboo touch and pen and a gpen.

Again thank you for the help you could give.

- Dec 06 2010
Wacom Control Panel

System Software by qb89dragon 303 comments

It doesn't work for me, I restart PC and the desktop never initialize. In order to recover my OS I have to delete the xorg.conf, I know is about the video but I don't know how to fix it, I have a intel x3100 and it works without the file xorg.conf.

I have a genius gpen tablet and I installed the wizard pendrivers from the ppa. My question is, can this wacom control panel work without creating a xorg.conf file??

I'm not an expert but I think that even if I could fix my video configuration in a xorg.conf file I think I will loose KMS functions and dual display. Am I right?

Anyhoo.. Thank you for the tool because I know it works for most people. - Dec 05 2010

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The Linux Force II

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I like it a lot, is really great.

Could you make a light side tux??... - Mar 15 2008