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Mirai Warren , United States of America
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Mar 25 2010
Nice, but you could have two fewer install scripts. - Apr 10 2010

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Oct 17 2013
Sorry, I wasn't precise at all. You don't need to use window rules. In the "General Options" CCSM settings there is a check box for "Hide Skip Taskbar Windows." Uncheck it and a show desktop action won't hide it.

Also, if you don't want the shadow on the conky window add "& !(class=Conky)" to the "shadow_match" option (Shadow windows in CCSM-> Window Decoration)

Hope this helps.

--MW - Jun 13 2009
Sorry, I am answering my own question. Comment out the override line and set compiz to ignore skip pager windows.

Great conkyrc generator, thanks. - Jun 02 2009
Any hints on using this with compiz? It seems the "own_window_type override" option causes the window to display above all of the others. Apparently everything works fine with metacity. - Jun 02 2009