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Michał Żarłok Oświęcim, Poland
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Jan 12 2010
No, it isn't.
Damn, I have to remove it to avoid confusion. :) - Feb 10 2010
Yes, I'm going to implement this feature, but at this moment I don't have time for working on this project. I can't predict when next release will be ready, but please be patient - I'm not going to cancel kcm_touchpad. - Dec 13 2009
Sorry for late answer, but I haven't had much time for this project.
This will be fixed soon, I promise. - Dec 13 2009
It's not in KDE4 by default, because nobody has requested for this :). First of all app have to go to playground and then be accepted by "magic council of KDE4 developers" ;) (seriously I don't know who is doing a review). KDE 4.4 is "soft freezed" so kcm_touchpad wouldn't be released with it by default for sure.
I will make some strides to include this app to default KDE4, but just not now. - Nov 06 2009
I don't know what's wrong. These definitions should be in X11/extensions/Xinput.h and X11/extensions/XI.h. It seems files exist, but don't contain definitions. - Oct 25 2009
Currently "Smart Mode" has to be implemented. I know this is longed-for option, so it's at top of my features list.

Sorry for wildering you all.
- Oct 22 2009
Forgive me: in version 0.2.0 I've forgot to upload "synaptics-properties.h" file. It's my fault and I want to apologize.
Updated version 0.2.1 should be fine. - Oct 17 2009
I appologize that setting sensitivity in version 0.2.0 does nothing. I forgot to disable it - it still needs polishing. - Oct 15 2009
Did you try if synclient -l is working properly?
Please be patient. I'm working on xinput backend, so everything related with SHM and libsynaptics will be removed. - Oct 14 2009
This project is located on github at this moment ( along with libsynaptics. When it be ready (more mature) I'll try to get it into playground. - Oct 08 2009
This project is fresh. I've uploaded it here to get some feedback if users want to use it and what I should do next. Kcm_touchpad cannot be translated at this time, but this feature :) is on the top of my priorities.
About chance to getting it into kde svn you have to ask kde developers :). - Oct 08 2009
Please paste here output of "synclient -l" before and after change of some option. - Oct 08 2009
I think you have to enable shm in hal, not xorg.conf. Look at how to do this. - Oct 08 2009
Previous maintainer (Stefan Kombrink) bailed out this project and I've started to evolve it. - Oct 07 2009
I have fixed missing headers in pad.cpp file. Link above leads to new version of libsynaptics. - Oct 07 2009
Version 0.14.6c of libsynaptics is very old. I've included download link to latest version 1.1.3. You have to compile and install it first. - Oct 07 2009
Version 0.14.6c of libsynaptics is very old. I've included download link to latest version 1.1.3. You have to compile and install it first. - Oct 07 2009
Add line:
#include <stdio.h>
at the beginning of file "pad.cpp".

I include this fix to the next version. - Oct 07 2009

Plasma Themes 262 comments

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Feb 14 2010
First of all - this theme rocks. :)

Everything is fine, but there is one little problem. I have panel laying vertically and I have noticed, that a small icon (arrow) for showing/hiding icons in system tray isn't drawing at all, but when I click on place, where it should be drawed, showing and hiding works properly.
Here is screenshot: - May 09 2009