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Martin K√∂bele
Kate CTags Plugin

Text Editors 16 comments

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Feb 09 2007

would it be possible to have autocompletion upon pressing . or ->?
It would popup a list of public methods or member variables. - Oct 02 2007

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Jan 14 2010
sorry, I mixed them up. I was talking about the KGmailNotifier!
Sorry! - May 11 2007
beside the one to tell it that the mail account is a hosted one I would like to propose

1) feature "don't show popup"
2) write the number of new messages on top of the icon, like kmail, akgregator

that would be awesome :) - May 11 2007
I love that notifier!
However, for google hosted accounts the webbrowser opens the wrong url.

For email addresses which do not end with or or....
the correct url would be

I simply patched
but would be nice if there was some gui or something where you tell the thing that the email address is a hosted one.
A simple check box would do it. You would then just have to get the hostname from the email address and build the correct browserProc argument.

Thanks for this cool notifier! I Love it! - May 11 2007

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May 08 2005
why not?



Martin - May 12 2005
isn't ltdl libtool?

try installing libtool. - Oct 24 2004


chmod +x

Martin - Oct 23 2004
you don't have giFT installed.
I suggest you download the all-in-one installer, takes care of everything. - Oct 17 2004
no, it's the other way: your qt version is older ;)

I'm gonna release apollon 1.0.1 sometime next week which has this issue fixed.

Martin - Oct 07 2004
yes, something is missing. Actually, the error message tells you what is missing. Install KDE headers, which means: install the packages kdelibs-devel and kdebase-devel.

Martin - Sep 29 2004
what is "forever" for you?

compiling needs some time.

Martin - Sep 26 2004
please try the latest release and report. - Sep 26 2004
chmod +x


Martin - Sep 23 2004
>1. i can not uninstall - ask for root >password that does not suite

The password problem is known. It works for the most users.

>2. downloawds break as soon as you
>start and then never find them again
what do you mean by "break"?

>3. if you share 21 gig on the Windows >drive it will suck your hard drive >for 30 mins
sharing files requires computing hash sums. This takes a while. giFT is responsible for that, not apollon.

>4. after installing firewall, it will >never connect anywhere
you gotta open some ports. if you claim to be a non-GUI-guy then you should be able to read the config files in ~/.giFT/*/*.conf

>5. GUI sucks, few config parameters
Apollon is one of the few who have such a feature rich settings dialog.

>6. do not know where it connects, >just tells Connecting forever
this is because of not up-to-date nodes-files.

Are you always frustrated like this?
Martin - Sep 23 2004
please re-compile apollon.
from some reason it has problems with new kde versions. should be fine after a recompilation.
Martin - Aug 30 2004
then learn how to ask.
nobody knows what your problem is. - Aug 09 2004
OpenNap is not really usable. google for giFT-OpenNap. But it's not worth to install it. - Aug 09 2004
just compile it again.

Martin - Jul 22 2004
install X-devel packages - Jul 03 2004
it seems that your OpenGL installation is broken. Try to fix it by re-installing, install also the devel-packages just in case it helps ;)
Apollon doesn't need OpenGL, but other libs apollon uses (some kdelibs) might need openGL which causes your problem.

good luck :)
Martin - Jun 07 2004
gift&plugins are already installed.
either unpack the installer or get the sources itself. configure it and add the following lines to apollon-0.9.4/config.h

/* Name of package */
#define PACKAGE "apollon"
/* Version number of package */
#define VERSION "0.9.4"

don't know why the config.h is broken. it is generated by configure. - Jun 02 2004
only plugins can connect, apollon not.
is only OpenFT not connecting?
try to copy OpenFT nodes from to ~/.giFT/OpenFT/.

what about other plugins?

make sure the ports mentioned in the conf-files in ~/.giFT/{OpenFT, FastTrack, Gnutella} are open. - May 25 2004
please try 0.9.4-1. should be fixed. - May 24 2004
you can switch it off in the settings-menu. - May 23 2004
install gift and the plugins first.
maybe get the all-in-one installer.

Martin - May 19 2004
install the x-devel packages.

Martin - May 14 2004
you can change the folder in the settings-dialog of apollon.
the shared folder was created when you run apollon for the very first time. there was a chance to change it ;)

Martin - May 14 2004
seems like that ImageMagick is missing. Install that and try it again. - May 03 2004
thanks, fixed - May 01 2004
install gcc - May 01 2004
install gcc. - May 01 2004
ok, please download the latest release. should be fixed now. - Apr 04 2004
from some reason uic didn't build the sources of the ui-files.

is uic in $QTDIR/bin and is $QTDIR/bin in $PATH?

you might try that:

uic firstrun.ui -o firstrun.h
uic firstrun.ui -i firstrun.h -o firstrun.cpp

and the same with preferences.ui - Apr 04 2004
is apollon installed in $KDEDIR?

make sure KDEDIR is set to /path/to/kde3 and re-run configure and do "make install" again. - Apr 04 2004
will be fixed in the next release - Feb 27 2004
does an update of gift help?
try the rc3:

don't forget to recompile the plugins afterwards. - Feb 04 2004
tar-balls on sourceforge are updated. - Jan 27 2004
should be fixed now. - Jan 27 2004
ups, oh dear.

no, it compiles also with QT 3.1 and KDE 3.1

To solve this do either:
- edit preferences.ui with a normal editor and change the version number in one of the first tags

- open it in your designer and save it again, to change the version number. - Jan 27 2004
just execute it.

please contact us on our mailinglist
or on - Jan 22 2004
it should work ;)
please contact us on our mailinglist
or on - Jan 22 2004
nope. gift-fasttrack connects to the 'real' FastTrack-network, which is kazaa. And Apollon shows me here 2.9 million users.

Martin - Jan 17 2004
it seems that the uic didn't create the header and source of preferences.ui.

you can create them manually:

#uic preferences.ui -o preferences.h
#uic preferences.ui -i preferences.h -o preferences.cpp

is your $QTDIR/bin part of your $PATH?

I think this little forum is not supposed to be a support-forum. In case of problems, please contact us on our mailinglist
or on

Martin - Jan 14 2004
apollon and gift-curs use the exact same engine, the gift-daemon. There is nothing more to say. You can't blame Apollon for that. I just searched for Scriabin, too. OpenFT gave me 47 hits within 2 seconds.
Martin - Jan 11 2004
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Aug 05 2005

hmm, why do we need this google bar? Konqui already has a google search bar.

"3. Finding of words in page by clicking buttons (see the screenshot button "kpart")"
what do you mean? You mark a word and then click on some button and then it googles for that word? and?
mark it and click your middle mouse button, that's it.

imho, you're adding features which are already there, or am I wrong?

Martin - Mar 17 2005

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Feb 13 2005
that's very nice! maybe almost too dark. maybe you can create a set of those images. - Feb 13 2005
Apollon p2p application icons

Icon Sub-Sets 2 comments

by Liron
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Jun 01 2004
that's cool that you made a crystalized icon. but what about if you crystalize the current icon? that would be awesome! :)
and please notify us also either at #apollon ( or our devel-mailinglist.

Martin - Jun 01 2004