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Michael Michael Long

Karamba & Superkaramba by mlong 4 comments

Thank you! I suppose it might be a tiny bit too far to the right (it's hard to tell on my hi-res display). I was surprised such a plain clean clock didn't already exist for Karamba -- no offense intended to the author of TubeClock, but I find that a little distracting *shrug* ymmv - Aug 08 2005
Wireless Assistant

Network by pnawrocki 287 comments

I really like your app. As you rightly point out, there's been no such graphical program for Linux.

At any rate, I was having some troubles and I made some code changes to suit my needs. In the keeping with the open source mentality, I'd happily send you my changes, if you'd like them; I'm sure these things would be trivial for you to add, but I needed them so I just jumped in myself.

The list is below my sig.

1) Added a "channel" column and pass the channel along to the iwconfig [don't ask me why, but the intel i2200BG driver I'm using needs the channel set to connect properly. IBM t42 thinkpad]

2) My iwlist scan doesn't give a "Quality", so I added a test to see if the returned value was 0, if so, I switch over to using the Signal strength (which works just fine for me).

To do:
3) There seem to be some bugs in the WEP key maintenance. I'm still working through those:

(AFAICT) the UI doesn't know a valid key has been entered and continues to pop-up the "enter a key" dialog endlessly. Also I'm unable to enter a new WEP key into the "defined WEP keys" through the configuration dialog -- the Add button is always disabled. I suspect these bugs have something to do with having _no_ keys defined (as I'm a new user) such that you didn't encounter this. A "hint" that I'm following is an error message "QGArray::find: Index 0 out of range" which periodically appears when keys are being managed.

If I get around to it:
4) dhcpcd no longer is distributed in the fedora distributions (has been removed from NetworkManager) and dhclient is the preferred dhclient. I installed dhcpcd and it works just fine, but it'd be nice to support dhclient... if I get around to it...

5) Show currently connected AP in bold (or something) - Apr 07 2005