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Marcos Mestre
yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

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Mar 23 2013
The yawp widget was installed, originally, from the debian repository, from the same version I got KDE. After that, I uninstalled the repo version, and installed the last version from here and it worked ok. But it is needed by Debian to update to the latest version, or to get a patch to solve the problem in the version they actually had.
Thank you. - Apr 25 2014
Hello, I love your plasmoid, it is just what i was looking for!
I've detected a problem, i'm reporting the bug...

The Kde Devs said that you are the one who can fix it.

Distro: Debian Testing (jessie 7.0) KDE 4.11.3

Steps to reproduce it:
- Add the yawp plasmoid in the kde system tray
- Press configure button
- In Locations, click on "Add City" button
- Select "Debian Weather Service"
- Type "Buenos Aires, Argentina" in the City textbox
- Click on "Find" Button
- Appear the following dialog box:
"Error - Plasma Desktop Shell"
"The place 'Buenos Aires, Argentina' is not valid. The weather-service is not able to find this place."
- Click on "OK" button of this dialog, and the plasma desktop crashes

-Sometimes, you need to click on te textbox again and click on "Find" button again to make the desktop crash.

Here is the traceback of the crash, if it is useful:

Here is the bug report in kde:
- Mar 19 2014