Gnome Shell Themes by ju1464 2 comments

6 okay - Jul 11 2020

Kwin Switching Layouts by adhe 3 comments

Awesome! Large icons is definitely too large for my tastes, so this is perfect. Even better would be an option for selecting icon size, but I suppose this could only be implemented in the kcm settings window itself. - May 05 2020

Kvantum by theZest 11 comments

Oh thanks very much and sorry to waste your time. I edited the config file a bit and apparently broke something. My inactive tab symbolic icons turn white. I'll have to fix whatever it is I broke in the config file. Cheers! - Mar 26 2020

Kvantum by theZest 11 comments

I mean #00cfcf (the aqua color?) from the svg that seems to give the highlight color. I've edited the svg by replacing the the blues with browns, which I prefer.

I don't know if this is a bug with the theme or with kvantum, but the symbolic icon for inactive tabs (e.g. in dolphin) is white on a light background, and hence super hard to see. Any way to fix that? - Mar 25 2020

Kvantum by theZest 11 comments

I like everything about this except the eye-piercing bright blue highlight color. Would love a more earthy toned version of this with warmer colors. - Mar 25 2020
Air (black icons)

Plasma Themes by schnelle

On my system (Plasma 5.18.1) it looks totally different from Air. It's way darker, for example. Would be nice if it were exactly the same except that the icons were borrowed from breeze. - Feb 27 2020
McMojave-light plasma

Plasma Themes by vinceliuice 8 comments

I like everything except the huge shadows. - Feb 02 2020
Material Cursors

Cursors by x-varlesh-x 34 comments

The dark ones need a white border around them so they're visible over dark backgrounds. - Jan 30 2020
Latte Separator

Plasma 5 Applets by Psifidotos 8 comments

10 Cheers! Using it on a regular plasma panel. - Jan 27 2020
ChromeOS Plasma

Plasma Themes by vinceliuice 8 comments

Really nice. It's still a bit too rounded for my tastes, but if it's faithful to chrome os, then so be it. Really nice though. - Jan 23 2020
Mac OSX Inline Battery

Plasma 5 Monitoring by polunom 12 comments

9 Nice! I only wish it integrated into the system tray. - Sep 17 2019

Plasma Color Schemes by kdecommunity 1 comment

10 the best - Aug 23 2019
Platinum retro

Global Themes by nielsvm 3 comments

Looks awesome. - Aug 23 2019

Plasma 5 Applets by diVinae 59 comments

Could you have the widget display everything (e.g. the timer) when put on the desktop? - Aug 03 2019

Plasma 5 Applets by diVinae 59 comments

9 excellent. Works flawless only Manjaro! - Aug 03 2019
KWin Quick Tile Enhancements

Kwin Scripts by thetarkus 4 comments

Just tried it out and so far it's working nicely. Would be nice to have a shortcut to toggle the script on/off or to disable the script for one tile when you don't windows paired but you want them snapped. Anyway, nice script! - Jun 13 2019
Canta kvantum

Kvantum by vinceliuice 9 comments

Nice! - May 25 2019
Sticky Window Snapping

Kwin Scripts by Flupp 66 comments

Ctrl + shift + S is already reserved for "save as". It gets hijacked by the script. I would change the default to something else. - Feb 13 2019
Sticky Window Snapping

Kwin Scripts by Flupp 66 comments

I can't get the settings dialog to show. Is there a config file somewhere for adjusting things like opacity? - Feb 12 2019
Sticky Window Snapping

Kwin Scripts by Flupp 66 comments

+ This is awesome and should be incorporated into kwin and maintained upstream! - Feb 08 2019

Kwin Scripts by esjeon 35 comments

+Nice! - Jan 28 2019
Telegram Breeze icons for systray

Icon Sub-Sets by alex-l 5 comments

I think telegram changed their icon names from ico_22_#.png to icon_22_#.png. I had to batch rename my files to get it to work again. - Jan 27 2019

Telegram Themes by TheFoxx 5 comments

Looks great! - Jan 09 2019
Capitaine Cursors

Cursors by krourke 103 comments

The colored ball doesn't spin for me in the latest KDE Plasma. - Nov 02 2018

Global Themes by phob1an 31 comments

Nice! Now everybody at the coffee shop will think I'm running Windows 95. - Sep 06 2018
Weather Widget

Plasma 5 Weather by clearmartin 161 comments

Much nicer than the default weather widget that comes with Plasma! - Aug 31 2018
Pixel Perfect Folder Icons

Full Icon Themes by marianarlt 19 comments

+ - Jun 29 2018

Plasma Color Schemes by Masque 5 comments

+ - Jun 27 2018
Plasma Keyboard Indicator

Plasma 5 Applets by apol 14 comments

Doesn't work in wayland. Is there a place to report bugs? - Jun 19 2018

Cursors by charakterziffer 14 comments

I like it. - Apr 19 2018
Breeze Beige

Plasma Color Schemes by Sandrone 1 comment

I like it! - Mar 24 2018
Breeze Dark

Telegram Themes by TheFoxx 4 comments

Yours does seem to work better...cheers! - Dec 31 2017

Plasma Color Schemes by herrbatka

I made this firefox theme to match it, in case anyone's interested (e.g. those who prefer to keep the light breeze theme for gtk apps): - Dec 28 2017

Plasma Color Schemes by herrbatka

Nice. A bit similar to my favorite, wonton soup. - Jun 25 2017

Aurorae Themes by andreyorst 42 comments

The alignment is off, depending on how the buttons are configured. I have no buttons on the left except global menu (which doesn't work, btw, I guess because it's an aurorae decoration), and the window title is not centered. - Jun 10 2017
Capitaine Cursors

Cursors by krourke 103 comments

Thanks for the reply. With the new file you uploaded it can be installed through KDE's cursor theme settings using "Get New Theme". Looks great! - Jul 28 2016
Capitaine Cursors

Cursors by krourke 103 comments

Can't extract the file or install it through KDE's KCM settings interface. - Jul 22 2016
MX Theme

Plasma Themes by overhaulin23 16 comments

I like it a lot. The panel reminds me of the "shelf" in Chrome OS. But it needs some polish. Some widget elements definitely needs borders. Perhaps one can't have that plus a borderless panel? - Jul 03 2016
Weather Widget

Plasma 5 Weather by clearmartin 161 comments

Only one request: wind speed in kilometers per hour (kph)! - Feb 15 2016

Cursors by ducakar 32 comments

These are nice, especially since the default Breeze (black) cursor is not dark enough! - Jan 13 2016
Soft Breeze - QtCurve

QtCurve by hackan301 6 comments

Papirus - Nov 02 2015
Media Controls

Plasma 4 Extensions by randomguy3 6 comments

I'm getting a funny space after the controls that doesn't show up in your screenshot. I can post something if you need. - Apr 05 2015
Breeze Serie for Righties

Cursors by markitos66 70 comments

Dig the snow version a lot. Using it now! - Mar 30 2015
Evolvere Icon theme [DUPLICATE]

Full Icon Themes by franksouza183 194 comments

When I download from github, there's no Flat Vivid Sunken in the zip file. Also, when I try to download the folder using svn checkout, it says it doesn't exist. - Feb 27 2015
Copernico Theme

Gnome Shell Themes by mgyugcha 31 comments

Nice! - Oct 27 2014
K-High-Delight+K-Art-Delight (New)

Full Icon Themes by olegvbal 36 comments

Liking version 8 beta 5! The only thing that bothers me is that the kmail system tray icon is impossible to read, with dark blue on dark grey. So to see how many new messages I have, I have to hover over the icon. - Sep 09 2014

QtCurve by gustawho 6 comments

Is this really it or is this an attempted copy of it? - Jul 16 2014
Evolvere Plasma theme

Plasma Themes by franksouza183 17 comments

Nice theme. The only thing I dislike is the color (depressing grey!) - May 16 2014

Cursors by Kver 17 comments

I would prefer a blacker black. The cursor theme can look quite washed out on some displays, such as the budget laptop display I'm currently using (an Acer Aspire S3-391 ultrabook). It makes it harder to see than other black cursor themes such as Oxygen Zion. - Apr 19 2014
Modern KDE 4 Splash Screen

KDE 4 Splashscreens by xiorone 15 comments

Actually I prefer the Chakra version. If this version removed all the unnecessary marketing ("Best DE ever!") it would be quite nice. And it would be even nicer if the KDE logo were simplified!

It is pretty nice though! - Apr 15 2014