Wallpaper Other by T1m 5 comments

just the shadow of the elephant should be more realistic, maybe long shadow, because of the sunset.. - Feb 03 2007
gentle truglass

Beryl/Emerald Themes by oblivion 7 comments

utada hikaru! :) - Jan 01 2007
Futurosoft Icons

Full Icon Themes by Sephiroth6779 87 comments

the download file still seems to be the version 0.1 , did you really updated the download file ?
thx - Dec 27 2006

Utilities by gyunaev 103 comments - Dec 08 2006

Utilities by gyunaev 103 comments

missing for opensuse 10.2 - Dec 08 2006

Wallpaper Other by nems 1 comment

hi, where is the beautiful park ? - Nov 24 2006
Enlighten your desktop

Wallpaper Other by zemkooo 1 comment

hi, could you upload a 1280x1024 or 1600x1200 version ?
thanks - Nov 17 2006
hm, maybe this is an idea...

could you add an option to set the value for Dull-Glass or Shiny-Glass, how it is drwan..
i mean, something like the "highlight factor" in the "General" Settings of QtCurve. maybe changing only 1 value can do the trick (percentage of how strong the effect is shown: strong dull-glass effect means more contrast between buttom and top color) - Nov 13 2006
it would be great, if there is the option to set a custom menu-popup background color instead of (or additional to) only lighter popupmenu background.

Actually, it seems the dull-glass (also shiny-glass) effect doesn't work correctly for dark colors, for example, setup a dark/black selected (menuitem) color in Color-Control of controlcentrum doesn't show any effect on the menubar or selected menuitems, it is just dark/black. - Nov 12 2006

Beryl/Emerald Themes by QUASARFREAK 11 comments

hi, which style are you using to get this kind of menubar ? with current qtcurve (for kde) it seems not possible.. - Nov 10 2006
Hi, is it possible to get a stronger Dull Glass Effect ? i would like to set my menubar like the color of menubar in this screenshot:

on gnome-look i found the menubar too:

thanks - Nov 10 2006
Black Glass

Beryl/Emerald Themes by fibermarupok 2 comments

you still have got windows on your computer ? such a waste of space.. ;-) - Nov 10 2006

Ice-WM Themes by gelion 2 comments

looks smooth, where is that from ? any download link ? - Oct 22 2006

Network by jstamp 805 comments

i think it doesn't "crashed" with a previous version before 0.4.6, maybe 0.4.5, i don't remember. but when i start "kded" again, then the icon of knemo appears again... also, kwalletmanager is strange, but when i start "kded", kwalletmanager is ok again. now, i switched to "nettols", i will try that. - Oct 18 2006
can you upload the wallpaper without the bubbles, just the diffrent blue backgrounds ? :) - Oct 18 2006

Network by jstamp 805 comments

i noticed something strange..
when i change settings in the style called QtCurve, knemo's systemtray icon is dissapearing and a popupinfo is showing the message "Network interface is removed" or "Network is disconnected" or something similar. But actually the network connection is still up and running. Either it is a problem with QtCurve or with any KDE deamon (kded) or a malfunction from the new version of knemo. The system-tray Icon may also dissapeard while not changing style settings.
I am using KDE 3.5.5, QtCurve 0.44.2, Knemo 0.4.6, Qt3.x, SuSE 10.1 64bit, Standard Kernel (with security fixes) - Oct 17 2006

KDE Plasma Screenshots by shani248 9 comments

where did you get the wallpaper ? do you have got a download link ?
thx - Oct 05 2006
4Elements 2.0 - Human Theme

Wallpaper Other by jaymejunior 7 comments

please also for the other "4elements" wallpapers ^^ - Oct 03 2006
4Elements 2.0 - Human Theme

Wallpaper Other by jaymejunior 7 comments

at least, or 1600x1200 :) thx - Oct 03 2006
option to remove horizontal toolbar separator.. :) - Sep 30 2006
Metabar Themes

Various Stuff by alekz 9 comments

the first and only metabar themes that i really like, especially advanced-blue and advanced-blue fade !
thx - Sep 19 2006
Spider and Prey

Wallpaper Other by phototrek1 3 comments

*g - Sep 15 2006
Nagoya Sunset

Wallpaper Other by zaniah 2 comments

:) - Sep 15 2006
Dalin Media Player Skin for vlc

Various Stuff by DonBilbo88 7 comments

install THIS skin ? - Sep 13 2006
Kanotix @ Cambodia

KDE Plasma Screenshots by promete7 4 comments

i ment, it is not correctly calculated.. - Aug 31 2006
Kanotix @ Cambodia

KDE Plasma Screenshots by promete7 4 comments

wow, so fast reply, thanks :)

but it is a little bit buggy, i can't use that, the screen height is correctly calculated :/ - Aug 31 2006
Kanotix @ Cambodia

KDE Plasma Screenshots by promete7 4 comments

hi, which taskbar are you using ? looks nice, is that a karamba theme ? - Aug 31 2006
official vista wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by hory 2 comments

^o^ - Aug 29 2006
I and my body

People by xivona 292 comments

beauty has a name..., kde. :P
well, not only kde ;) - Aug 29 2006

Landscapes by leinad 2 comments

:) - Aug 29 2006
what's wrong with slider-focus, my compiled version of 0.42.1 seems ok, relating to focus.

by the way, i like the style of slider's color handling. would be nice if "keramik" style will be removed and qtcurve included by default. "keramik" style is really too heavy, like blown up, and it seems there is no development going on. - Aug 27 2006
Aero AIO 0.9.1: sensors-HD temp monitor

Karamba & Superkaramba by franceloc 33 comments

ok, found Aero AIO plugin for download now :) - Aug 07 2006
Aero AIO 0.9.1: sensors-HD temp monitor

Karamba & Superkaramba by franceloc 33 comments

PyQT is installed too... - Aug 07 2006
Aero AIO 0.9.1: sensors-HD temp monitor

Karamba & Superkaramba by franceloc 33 comments

>Use the Aero AIO plugin installation
>dialog to install the .aiz file.

where can i find the "Aero AIO plugin installation" ?

lm_sensors installed, works with gkrellm.
karamba installed. - Aug 07 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by Shanachie 11 comments

the only "i" that i can see is in telemon_i_tor. - Aug 07 2006

Wallpaper Other by locomotive 2 comments

absolutely nice, my son is crazy about so called "tentou-mushi" ;)
thanks - Aug 01 2006
thanks , too
by the way, did you check your email lately? i did send a mail with a screenshot about tabs and color handling.. - Jul 26 2006
My KDE 3.5 desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Gizzmo 2 comments

did you modify the full-trashcan icon ? this looks better than the default. - Jul 20 2006
be aware of the tiger

Wallpaper Other by bitshifter 2 comments

really looking like our cat!
i will upload a photo!
:) - Jul 18 2006
i found out the problem..
the menutext color in your qt-style is set to "selected menu-text color" from kontrolcenters Color-module. but this doesn't fit, if i set a dark or black menubar-background in qtCurve. you should calculate the fitting menutext-color (for the menubar) in relation to the actual menubar-background color, so that the menubar is readable.

in my setup: because of a light color for "selected menuitems" and also menu-background the menutext has to be dark, but then, the menubar is unreadable (see above).
thanks - Jun 17 2006
thanks for the new versions with fixed bugs (qtCurve 0.38)..
there might be also a bug explained here:

if you set a dark color (i.e. black) for "window-text" (actually menu-text, but kde's naming behavior is too bad) in kontrolcenter "Colors-module" and also set a custom (dark/black) Coloration for menus in qtcurve-style module, then the menus are unreadable unless you klick on a menu (menu-title).

if you can't reproduce that with qtcurve 0.38, please let me know, then i will upload a screenshot.

(maybe qtcurve tries to set the right menutext-color automatically in relation to dark menu-background color, but the function seems to be broken. the menu itself is readable, light menu-background-color with dark color for menuitems and submenus, and light blue color for selected items)

by the way: menus in gtk-apps are working now with flat menu-appearance, thanks.

qtCurve is the best kde style ! keep up the good work! - Jun 17 2006
Suse linux 10.1 with KDE 3.5.3

KDE Plasma Screenshots by metak 4 comments

hi, nice screenshot,
which icon-theme are you using ? - Jun 10 2006
hi, maybe i found a bug..
when i setup "Menu and Toolbars" in QtCurve's dialog (kontrolcenter modul), i found the bug that gtk-applications showning the wrong menu-background color. for example, if you select at Menu coloration: "custum color" and select the appearance: "flat", then the custom menu-background color is not used, and this results in unreadable menus, if the menu text is white and the "window-background" color is also light.

custum-menu color works ok if you use Appearance: "Gradient", "Dull Glass" or "Shiny Glass".

Perhaps this is a bug in QtCurve, or it depends on the compiled qtcurve-gtk rpm from "guru" ( - Jun 08 2006
outdoor sky

Wallpaper Other by nula 4 comments

really cool picture! - Jun 05 2006

Wallpaper Other by sigterm 7 comments

have you got a higher resolution ?
thx - Jun 05 2006
Feisty Beryl

KDE Plasma Screenshots by seanbarman 25 comments

hi, which icon theme are you using ? nice icons on the desktop! - Jun 04 2006
SVG Templates

Various Stuff by arenyart 4 comments

hi, which icon theme are you using in that screenshot ? the icon on the desktop looks nice! - Apr 21 2006
Desktop Linux

KDE Plasma Screenshots by ZaWertun 2 comments

and which wallpaper ? :) - Apr 10 2006
Japanese Flashcards

Karamba & Superkaramba by tardigrade 10 comments

your japanese words contains too much errors!

?????(departure) is wrong

????? should be correct!

?? (river) is wrong

?? should be correct! - Apr 01 2006
kde 3.5 with crystal & qtcurve

KDE Plasma Screenshots by lorestar 3 comments

where did you find the wallpaper ? - Mar 28 2006