Tweaked kicker :)

KDE Plasma Screenshots by equinoxe 7 comments

are you a main-developer of the kicker ? :)
if so, i have got some requests about the use of the kicker-background.. the clock for example, it doesn't use the background from the kicker. i think, it looks not perfekt. the Clock's background should be similar handled as the Date (it already does it right).

and where/how do you provide a patch? i mean, rpm would be fine, because, setting up a correct development environment to re-compile the kde-rpm-package that includes the kicker may be difficult.

thanks - Oct 24 2002
Tweaked kicker :)

KDE Plasma Screenshots by equinoxe 7 comments

really wonderful!
i hate the fat black arrows in the kicker and the K-Menu..
Your arrows are definitely cool.
how can we get/install that ??
thanks - Oct 24 2002

Various Stuff by WinterWolf 34 comments

I LIKE THE NEW WINDOW-DECORATION, it is the first, that is beautiful like the default or silver XP window-decoration. In fact, i am using the XP-IceWM Window-Decoration together with LIQUID-Style ! that's really great! Keramik window-dec is also not bad, but not so beautiful, though, it is selfmade, so great anyway.
and what do you mean about star-office ?! i don't use any office-software currently, so doesn't matter to me.
by the way, if someone knows download-links of SuSE8.1 (iso)images, or the rpm-file of the new win-dec from 8.1 ???
:) - Oct 22 2002

Various Stuff by WinterWolf 34 comments

did you install SuSE8.1 or did you find and install the new Window-Decoration for SuSE8.1 ?
if you just installed the new decoration, can you give me the link where to download that ?
thanks:) - Oct 21 2002

Wallpaper Other by Atomb 4 comments

ok, ;_; i just wish, kicker's style and looking will be customizeable and similar beauty to the WinXP-Taskbar. Kicker (and whole KDE) has already got great features, but simple things like the kicker and also the dialogs (like open-file-dialog, control-center,...) should be redesigned, for example the arrangement of the widgets in the dialogs (could/should be similar to "ms windows", since, there is no copyright on the arrangement, and, people switching from windows to linux will love it! and find all more easy!), and the kicker needs a "unified" use of the kicker-background. (example: xp's taskbar is looking always beautiful! but kicker-applet-handles doesn't handle the background correctly, the applet-handles cannot be easily removed like "Fix-Taskbar"-option in WinXP, and the whole kicker and its taskbar should not show any "border" or "frame".
thx - Oct 16 2002

Wallpaper Other by Atomb 4 comments

is that really the kicker or is the blue area just a part of the the desktop-wallpaper ?
if that's the kicker, how did you make it looking like that ???
thx - Oct 16 2002
Hi, i found Kflux, Keuphoria and Ksolarwinds in the Controlcenter's Screensaver-setup from previous kde-installation, but after updating to kde3.1beta2 i can't find the entries in the screensaver-list anymore, though, keuphoria is still running as default screensaver, but it seems it doesn't use the 3d-acceleration anymore..

can anybody help me ?
thanks.. - Oct 15 2002
Ice Age KDE

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by fmeesters 8 comments

really, fantastic. - Oct 15 2002

Wallpaper Other by th.cherouny 1 comment

thx - Oct 15 2002
Gentoo, KDE, HPLE & Aqua Fusion

KDE Plasma Screenshots by howe81 8 comments

no problem ^-^
- Oct 10 2002
Gentoo, KDE, HPLE & Aqua Fusion

KDE Plasma Screenshots by howe81 8 comments

i thought, providing a link or the skin-name would help! ;)
the skin-name of the above screenshot is:
maybe this would be interesting too:
"DaizedAmp" or
"Aquair Chimera"
feel free to try..
:) - Oct 09 2002
Enterprise Departure

Wallpaper Other by guitarec 7 comments

but, i would prefer the picture without the Enterprise.. is it possible ?
thaaanks - Oct 08 2002
Qtopia Development Screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by jryland 3 comments

i think, your Icon-Theme is looking nice, which theme are you using, is it part of your Linux, which ? - Oct 05 2002

KDE Plasma Screenshots by jeli5 7 comments

must be XP! i think it is easier changing the 'start-button-icon' in XP than making the full kde-kicker/panel showing its actuall kicker/background as it should do, but, the Clock has got it's own background, BUT not the Date! (that schould be fixed in the future, i wish), and also completely removing the applet-handles (not just hiding the applet-handle-icon/picture) should be possible. well,
but, if the 2cd screenshot is really KDE, then, please please please tell us how you did the magic stuff,

thanks very much.
- Oct 05 2002
suse 8.1 ???

KDE Plasma Screenshots by oldkerosen 3 comments

of course not.. ;p - Oct 03 2002

KDE 3 Color Schemes by gogo 4 comments

knows exactly when kde3.1b beta2 will be available for available ?
the release plan isn't really up-to-date :/ that makes waiting really annoying.. - Oct 01 2002

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by issartel 9 comments

Anybody knows when it will be available ??
:) - Sep 30 2002
Netscape7 round icon

Icon Sub-Sets by r00tkid 3 comments

where can we download that ?
:) - Sep 07 2002
Neon Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by SeanParsons 28 comments

thanks so much, the picture
is really beautiful !
- Sep 05 2002
Neon Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by SeanParsons 28 comments

it looks good with the neon icon-set, where can we download that ?
thanks - Sep 03 2002
Blue Gears

Wallpaper Other by sbrown1038 12 comments

have you got bigger resolutions too ?
and where can we get that xmms-skin ?:)
thx - Aug 24 2002
Keramik RPM (for RH + KDE 3.0.3)

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by alspnost 61 comments

i have got the same opinion..
the people who know the default theme of WinXP, and saw the tabbed Windows, for example any Settings/Preferences Window, they know, which is looking beautiful and completed, of course, it is still XP!

Read this:

Hi, what about these ideas..
is it also a speed hit, if the color of the tapped-pane is diffrent of the window-background color ? look at the default style of WinXP, that is really a complete Look!
and, what about, if the awful border of the Kicker will dissapear?! if you put a nice background-pic, but anyway, there is the "waaaaa" grey (or what ever) border that is really misplaced.. the size should be set to "0". Example: WinXP.
i can't imagine that this is so much work..;) and, another thing, to give KDE a great Look is, to separate the Style-pixmaps of the Taskbar-items from the same Style-Pixmaps of Konquerors 'Detailed View-Mode'(look at items "Name, Size, Typ,...")

Till now, it seems, that there is anything equal of the Taskbar and the Konqueror's 'Detailed View-Mode'

My opinion is, that KDE will be perfect, if it could look just like any Desktop.

Some other nice things would be..
"giving every virtual desktop of KDE an own handling of Text-Color, and/or Hiding the Icons. Imagine.., that could be useful for a "Presentation-Mode" or whatever, for example, if people are getting mad of too much icons on their Desktop ;)

An example: it doesn't make any sense, if you can change the text-color or the Icons of only 1 desktop to be able to read the Names/text. because, if you switch to another virtual desktop, with a beautiful background-picture, you may notice. that you can't read the text at all, because it has got the same color like the picture..
People with bad Eyes may have got problems to read it!

Anyway, i switched completly from Windowz to Linux, with the great KDE, i love it!

- Aug 17 2002
KDE 3 Red Glow ( Exclusive)

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by d3designs 2 comments

it is very nice, have you got 1024 or bigger resolution?
- Jul 23 2002
a wish to all coders

KDE Plasma Screenshots by manor 2 comments

Hi KDE People..
my question is: is that possible to
set the border of the 'Kicker/Panel' to "0" so that it is invisible ? My opinion is, many kicker-backgrounds or themes would look more beautiful and of course more professional if the 'white' rectangle isn't visible. It will look more smooth..! but, the size of the Kicker should not be smaller than the current size (including the white rectangle) !

why does it make a sence?:
because, if someone needs the colored 'rectangle/border', then it is just simple to paint it in the kicker-background by himself, right? :)
But i guess, it might not be possible to hide the border, because of the QT-functionality, or am i wrong ?

I hope, theming of KDE will become more flexible/modular (for example, mixing parts of diffrent "Styles" or KDE, though, it is already great.

- Jun 24 2002
KDE 3 with Mozilla_Xft

KDE Plasma Screenshots by eyz 5 comments

Mozilla's Toolbar-Icons are looking great! could be a nice icon-style for Konqueror-/File-Manager too! - Jun 20 2002

Wallpaper Other by Soyburg 9 comments

..background, may be nice as login-background too :) - Jun 16 2002

KDE 3 Color Schemes by optikSmoke 6 comments

yes, nice panel-background, where is that from? my favorite till now is "marble-kicker-crystal.png" from this site. The icons are from Slick.. :)
- Jun 06 2002
Suse 8.0 bootsplash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by zeki 4 comments

:) - Jun 02 2002

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by zeki 4 comments

could you make one with SuSE (8.0) ??
thx - Jun 02 2002
keramik style + translucent kicker

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by KrAzY 131 comments

i am impressed, that's looking damn good.. really beautiful style for Linux/KDE.
would be nice, if someone could mix the style of 'dotNet' with the (button-)style used in that screenshot!
^K^ - May 28 2002
Shutdown picture for Red Hat

Various Stuff by KrAzY 2 comments

have you got one like this relating to SuSE (or others) ? :)
would be fine, thx
- May 20 2002

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by mathjazz 4 comments

wow.. that's looing really nice, and, of course, i like "the message" ;)
- May 18 2002

KDE Plasma Screenshots by geekpunk 3 comments

hi all..
can someone tell me, how i can customize the style of popup-menu's in KDE3 ? i mean, how can i make it looking like that on this screenshot:

thanx 4 help,
- May 17 2002
KDE at work.......

KDE Plasma Screenshots by doraemon 3 comments

i would like to know, how on earth your popup-menu is looking like that on your screenshot..
i am searching for the options in KDE3 since hours/days..
i mean, how did you make the grey-icon-background in the white popup-menu? i think, it's wonderful looking.. i need that too :D

arigato gozaimasu ^-^
- May 16 2002