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Maarten De Meyer
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
ComicBook 7zip Thumbnail Plugin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 3 comments

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Oct 03 2014
How common are cb7 files? Do you think this would be valuable upstream? (Merge it with the default kde thumbnailer)

I'm planning to improve the thumbnailers in KF5 and we could move cb7 support in the normal comiccreator. Also if you need help porting to KF5 take a look at the kio-extras repository. I have already ported most of the thumbcreators so lot's of examples there.

It's fine if you want to keep this a personal project of course :)

Have a nice day. - Oct 03 2014

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 42 comments

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Mar 01 2014
No, unfortunately not.
Only scripted plasmoids can be installed using 'Get Hot New Stuff'. Moviethumbs is not a plasmoid and has to be compiled. (So it wouldn't work anyway)
What distro do you use? - May 08 2014
Yes that is possible :)
It works like this:
We look for a image files in the folder. If there is an image named folder, poster, fanart, banner or cover it is used as the thumbnail for all video files in that folder.

Second we look for file with the same name as the movie. If there is one it is uded.
Example: 'Big Buck Bunny.avi' and 'Big Buck Bunny.png'

So it's possible but the thumbnail must be in the same folder and have a genaral name or an identical name.

Does that work for you? - Jan 28 2014
Because they are meant to be built as separate packages.
But feel free to change it for your own use :-) - Jan 26 2014
Make sure you install core first.

If you run 'sudo make install' in the core build directory it will tell you where the headers are installed. Could you show me the output? Something like:
$ sudo make install
Install the project...
-- Install configuration: "Release"
-- Installing: /usr/local/lib/
-- Installing: /usr/local/include/libmoviethumbs/fileparser.h
-- Installing: /usr/local/include/libmoviethumbs/movieclient.h
-- Installing: /usr/local/include/libmoviethumbs/movieservice.h
-- Installing: /usr/local/include/libmoviethumbs/posterservice.h
-- Installing: /usr/local/include/libmoviethumbs/tvservice.h
-- Up-to-date: /usr/share/MovieThumbs/blacklist
- Jan 26 2014
If you use a mint versoin based on ubuntu you can use the ubuntu packages :)

As for your error you need to install a compiler. The 'build-essential' package should provide one.

Also you might need to run 'export QT_SELECT=4' before compiling to find the correct Qt version. - Jan 24 2014
Btw: The documentation on uninstalling is indeed wrong.
You can use 'xargs rm < install_manifest.txt' as root to remove installed files.
- Jan 22 2014
Re-installing is fine, no need to uninstall.

Did you install from source the first time? Because when you build yourself it will be installed in /usr/local instead of /usr/
If that is the case (it depends from distro to distro) you can find the solution here:

Also make sure you cmake, make, and make install the 'core' folder and then cmake, make and make install 'kde'

Thank you. - Jan 22 2014
Thank you for telling me, I did not have this problem in the development version. has changed their download url. Easy change but I did not know this.

Can you build moviethumbs yourself or do you need a distro package? If you can please test version 0.3.3 (Qt4 version on github) it has this fix but is mostly untested.

If that works we can update to that version.

Thank you. - Jan 22 2014
For everybody reading this:

The current git version downloads posters in the language set by your locale.
If enough people ask I'll release a 0.3.2 version with this fix included.

To download in another language you can temporarily switch locales while downloading.

Thank you for reporting bugs! - Aug 27 2013
A bug report with a fix included: great! :)

Thank you for reminding me about this todo. The original point of the code was to delete underscores, I have changed the regular expression to only delete (.-_)

If there are special characters in the name and the search fails we can use the second (slower) expression to remove them.
I used \W (same as ^\w)

Do you have an example filename with accents I could use to prevent regressions?

ps I added a 'thank you' note with your name in the code. If you don't want your real name used for privacy reasons please let me know. - Jun 16 2013
It's not my ppa. I only control the rpm (opensuse and fedora) packages.

I'm sure Rog131 will update soon, otherwise I need to learn deb packaging.
There is a also a community pgkbuild for arch that I'll link once it is updated. - May 28 2013
Great feedback, keep it coming!

1. No it's not. In future versions (SC 4.12) nepomuk webminer will be part of the main release. Then I'll enable a way to read posters downloaded with webminer.

2,3. The detection of TV series is very simple for now. If the filename contains 's00e00' or similar we look for a TV poster. Everything else is treated as a movie.

So for now if you want to have a TV poster add s00e00 (With 00 being the season and episode number).
If you have a filename that gives no result you an always send it to me so the filter can be improved.

Thanks :) - May 28 2013
Hart of Dixie is a series. For now we are not searching posters from series. This might come in a future version.

If you want the movie you have to look for 'HEART of Dixie'

Please note that torrented filenames have a lot of information that makes the search harder. You can put this in brackets. 'Hart.of.dixie.(blabla 1080p).mkv'
This has to be done manually. - Apr 15 2013
MovieThumbs works fine on 12.3
Please go to dolphin settings -> General -> Previews -> check the 'Video Files (MovieThumbs)' check box.

If that does not solve it can you tell me how you installed the package? Using yast one-click install or compiling yourself? - Apr 14 2013
Thank you for the kind words :)

I understand your problem. In version 0.1.1 text between brackets is not included in the search. (besides the year)

This should improve results for you. - Mar 18 2013
Hi, glad you like it!

Thanks for the tip, I had not tested with other thumbnailers.

In the new version I have ThumbnailerVersion=3. This should overwrite ffmpegthumbs with movie cover if one is found but it doesn't seem to be working.
The ffmpeg thumbnails still get created first and cannot be overwritten by the posters.

I'm looking into this but for now you can disable ffmpeg, let MovieThumbs create thumbs if possible and turn ffmpeg back on to create the remaining previews. (You will have to delete ./thumbnails first) - Mar 18 2013
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Plasma 4 Extensions 5 comments

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Feb 21 2015
Thanks again! :) - Apr 25 2014
Do you have a github page to send patches?

By default it doesn't look good in a horizontal panel. This patch fixes that.

Works great otherwise.
Thanks! - Apr 23 2014

Utilities 4 comments

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Jun 10 2014
I see, thank you.
Making deb packages of CMake is a bit difficult indeed.

If you want automated building and publishing for rpm packages (and optionally debs and arch packages) take a look at

You can use a spec file I wrote as an example:

note: It's not the best spec file out there, far from, but it works :) - Sep 15 2013
Could you post a tarball with the source please?
Or a git repo?

Thanks. - Sep 13 2013
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Plasma 4 Extensions
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May 30 2014
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Plasma 4 Extensions
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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
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