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Máté Schnellbach Budapest, Hungary
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Feb 02 2010
I have had some time to draw the circles one more time, so they are regular now. - Feb 02 2010
What kind of gray? :)

Wich plasmoid theme and icon set do yo want it to match with? - Feb 02 2010

You're right. Correction in progress... - Dec 02 2009
At first the correction of the rings (Now I know why look they so strange.), and after it I will create a gray version too.

Thanks for the feedback! - Dec 02 2009
For two 1440x900 screens? - Dec 01 2009
Thanks for your feedback.
I choose my wallpapers always by color, so I've added two new variants of it. (Both are blue.) - Nov 30 2009

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Nov 04 2008
Im realy happy to see some pictures taken at Budapest as a wallpaper on this site. I hope, you have enjoyed the time you have spent here, and you will come back to us. :) - Nov 04 2008

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Aug 31 2008
Thank you, I think I had just good teachers in lead pencil drawing.

And thanks for the good vote. :) - May 22 2008