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Diego F , Brazil
reNIX (for Unity and GS)

GTK3 Themes by tgraeca84 30 comments

Hello, first of all, congratulations for the theme!

Could you make a future version of this theme changing the blue for green, if possible?

Thank you for your attention, and once again congratulations for the work =] - Oct 08 2012
Adwaita-X dark/light

GTK3 Themes by KEIII 85 comments

Hi KEII! First, thanks for your theme, especially the dark version! For me is best than the default Adwaita.

Today I was trying to change the background blue color for another in your theme, but after make some experimental changes without suceed in the gtk 3 theme (the changes in the gtk 2 worked), I started to think that I need to change the gtk.gresource file, but I don't now how. The files that I have changed in gtk-3.0 folder are the settings.ini and gnome-panel.css replacing, respectivelly, the nselected_bg_color and background-color default values for another.

So, could you make another versions from your theme with the background colors based on the icons theme "gnome colors" (something like the "Zukitwo Colors" ) or explain how I could make these changes?

Thanks and sorry for my english! - Jun 11 2012