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Jeff Wood , United States of America
several Service-menues

Dolphin Service Menus 18 comments

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Jun 08 2009
Thanks! - Jun 04 2009
The download link is broken. I have been looking for something that will work on my 1280x800 resolution for a gfxboot menu, I'd love to try this.
- Jun 04 2009

Dolphin Service Menus 13 comments

by kyral
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Sep 29 2006
No problem. Let me gather and I'll send everything. There's a change to the servicemenu *.desktop file as well.

- Nov 18 2006
I've added some code to the script to automagically create and delete a mountpoint on the desktop;but you can still select one as per the original.

Added mimetypes as I posed earlier. I have some NRG files to test with, but I suspect they are fubar, so I will create and test others later.

Kudos to the author! This script is the first iso-mounting-from-a-GUI package that has mostly :) worked for me. - Nov 18 2006
Adding other files is easy. Adding:


To /usr/share/mimelnk/application/x-iso.desktop is a start. Next is handling the different extensions in the script. I'm feeling my way thru this at the moment.

This is the first right-click iso mounting utility that has mostly worked out of the box for me on Kubuntu Edgy Eft.

Some things that tripped me up were permissions in fuse, RTFM so you'll know to add users to the fuse group and logout/login or reboot.

Jeff - Nov 18 2006
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Oct 21 2010