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Be-Shell/Bespin 1662 comments

Score 82.7%
Apr 25 2013
Opened a bug report as well.

Oh, and the graphics driver is r600g (Mesa 8.0). - Jan 28 2012
How to reproduce:

Assuming that Bespin widget style is used, start any Qt application with OpenGL graphics backend, i.e., "dolphin -graphicssystem opengl". The application crashes. Changing widget style to, say, QtCurve fixes that, but I like Bespin more :) - Jan 28 2012
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 642 comments

Score 88.4%
Nov 10 2011
So what's the status of this plasmoid? Has the development of it stopped? - Jan 15 2012

Audio Apps 3 comments

by drue
Score 58.0%
Jan 07 2012
That's not enough. I actually had to add some libs to .pro file:

LIBS += -lmysqld \
-lcrypt \
-ldl \
-lrt \
-lssl \

Using Archlinux. Compiles well, looks nice :)
but this is apparently initial release. - Jan 08 2012

TV & Streaming 54 comments

Score 76.0%
Apr 16 2011
Note: To accomplish this, video URL resolution must be skipped since addon offers the right one by itself. - Jul 02 2011
Can you make this compatible with Firefox FlashVideoReplacer plugin so that it starts video in fullscreen and quits after video finishes? - Jul 02 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions 25 comments

Score 80.6%
May 15 2011
I also had no network interfaces initially, yet after restarting Plasma they appeared. Works very well, thank you! - Apr 06 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions 79 comments

Score 73.1%
Sep 08 2011
Can we have a look at it? - Feb 08 2011
* Lines 8.-11.:
if [ -e /etc/rsyslog.conf ]; then
elif [ -e /etc/syslog.conf ]; then

If rsyslog.conf exists, syslog.conf is used and vice versa.

Should be:

if [ -e /etc/rsyslog.conf ]; then
elif [ -e /etc/syslog.conf ]; then

* Line 48:
cat >>/etc/syslog.conf <<EOF

On systems that utilizes rsyslogd, syslog.conf is ignored. Old bug that I pointed out earlier. Use $SL value determined earlier instead.

Should be:

cat >> $SL <<EOF

In other words, plasmoid ships with an old version of script. Look at the script I posted in pastebin few comments above. - Feb 06 2011
Even two of them. - Feb 05 2011
The script has a mistake. Take a look at it, please. - Feb 05 2011
First of all, Fedora 14 uses rsyslog. Your script does check for appropriate config file, but for some reason doesn't use it. Instead, syslog.conf is created, which is going to be ignored here. Corrected that.


Seems like plasmoid is now working well. - Jan 25 2011
UID version does work, but the rest of script doesn't. Here, I edited it a bit so that it at least creates fifos.

The plasmoid itself doesn't work either, need to investigate the reason. - Jan 22 2011
On Fedora 14, $USERNAME is empty, but $USER always contains the username that has been used to log into system. Solved this by prepending a line "export USERNAME=$(whoami);" to script. - Jan 21 2011
Neither of mkintfifos versions worked for me on Fedora 14, KDE 4.5.5. Keeps saying that I'm not a root, although that's not the case. Of course, no /var/run/interceptor has been created and the plasmoid isn't functioning. - Jan 20 2011
System Tray

Plasma 4 Extensions 6 comments

by 8siem
Score 77.9%
Jan 18 2011
Currently it is not possible to implement this, as the panel is a container for widgets and the widget cannot go beyond panel's borders. The closest way to do this is as it is now, i. e., by using PopupApplet. - Jan 20 2011
Task Manager

Plasma 4 Extensions 5 comments

by 8siem
Score 65.7%
Jan 18 2011
I think the only feature needed for ST to fulfil this idea is the ability to show tasks for *certain* desktop, not only the current one. That way, for every desktop one could use it's own ST instance. So you have to make a feature request for ST to see this idea embodied in software. - Jan 20 2011
Smooth Tasks has ability of putting tasks in more than one row, just checked that to make sure. As for desktop thing, you can use Desktop Pager to switch between desktops, but ST will filter tasks depending on currently selected desktop.

I would say that this idea already has been implemented, at least in most part.

In KDE SC 4.5, every desktop even can have it's own wallpaper and a selection of plasmoids, which I find to be a more convenient feature than Activities. - Jan 20 2011
Well, if I get your point correctly, Smooth Tasks has an option "Only show tasks from the current desktop". As for batch operations, grouped tasks can be closed with a single middle-click. Desktop count usually doesn't change that often to be worth of a dedicated task manager option.

To be honest, the only feature missing in Smooth Tasks is launcher support, which will hopefully get implementet when KDE SC 4.6 comes out. - Jan 20 2011
BasKet Note Pads

Utilities 347 comments

Score 77.3%
Oct 01 2010
Damn, I'm happy :) - Aug 16 2010
Grouping Desktop

Plasma 4 Extensions 93 comments

Score 70.0%
Jul 24 2010
What are advantages of Grouping Panel compared to an ordinary one? - Jul 25 2010
Could it be possible to add containers to panel, thus hiding associated widgets? That way I could add to panel those plasmoids that don't use PopupApplet widget. - Jul 17 2010
IMHO, this is the most useful KDE improvement since Smooth Tasks. Especially Tabbing group helps reduce desktop clutter by hiding away less needed plasmoids.

No crashes so far, the only minor problem was that some fullscreen desktop container is shown when enabling Grouping desktop activity for first time. Had to close it several times before it disappeared completely without returning at next Plasma startup. Fingers crossed. - Jul 17 2010
PlayWolf Elements

Plasma 4 Extensions 34 comments

Score 63.3%
Oct 18 2010
Setting it all up is a bit tricky because of bugs in Grouping Desktop, but after all is set up, it turns out to be a great plasmoid.

Some wishes for future releases:

* There is virtually no plasmoid around here showing something useful while cover is not available or Amarok is not running. Having an empty widget on desktop is rather unpleasant, so it would be nice to use custom image while no cover is available.

* When Amarok is not running, pressing "Play" button should start it and, if possible, play the first song in playlist. - Jul 04 2010
The widget crashes plasma upon reopening Amarok when it has previously exited while music is playing. - Jul 04 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 18 comments

Score 72.2%
Jul 30 2010
Oh, right, you're using Python.
My tongue is my enemy. - Apr 13 2010
I haven't looked at source of this plasmoid, but usually crash is caused by accessing uninitialized pointers. Maybe you're trying to assign a value to such a pointer or trying to delete it? - Apr 13 2010
Install Plasmoid

Dolphin Service Menus 2 comments

by janet
Score 50.0%
Apr 02 2010
Could you also make a servicemenu for compiling and installing plasmoid by right-clicking on tar archive and choosing appropriate menu entry? - Apr 03 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 5 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 30 2010
I tried to install some files found here:

Somehow it didn't work as expected. Is the interpreter still in development? - Mar 28 2010
Link points to, yet I don't see a download link there. - Mar 27 2010

Utilities 9 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 10 2009
I tried to install some files found here:

Somehow it didn't work as expected. Is the interpreter still in development? - Mar 28 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 19 comments

Score 81.6%
Nov 09 2010
Tooltip disappears too soon, can't really read what it says. - Mar 28 2010
Thanks for implementing icons. Since your plasmoid now shows song information too, in my opinion it surpasses SimpleStream plasmoid in terms of functionality. - Mar 28 2010
Works very well, but may I suggest to add an optional feature of using icons along with text (or without text)? This could make plasmoid more appealing. - Feb 19 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 15 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 20 2010
Plasmoid works well, yet turning is slow, as you already know, and also mouse cursor at clicking moves to the point it was previously released.

And, yes, you should try using OpenGL for that, if possible. It would reveal almost endless possibilities, like creating a scene of room and putting some plasmoids here and there. It would be a true 3D desktop. - Mar 07 2010
Speedometer ksplash

KDE 4 Splashscreens 7 comments

Score 70.0%
Feb 17 2010
For some reason, package's filename is ksplash_speedometer_tar.gz. I had to rename file to ksplash_speedometer.tar.gz in order to install it. - Feb 17 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 26 comments

Score 72.5%
Feb 27 2011
Oh, right. I was using v0.1. Updated, now it works very well.

It would be interesting to see how this will evolve (assuming it will) and which direction development could take. - Feb 16 2010
When resizing a plasmoid, it doesn't adjust to new plasmoid size. This is probably just because of incompletion of plasmoid, I assume.

Secondly, if plasmoid is reloaded, it doesn't show anything, leaving plasmoid window completely empty. - Feb 15 2010

Karamba & Superkaramba 5 comments

Score 50.0%
Dec 07 2008
Link leads to a 404 error page which means that file isn't on the server anymore. :( - Feb 16 2010
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 842 comments

by panzi
Score 86.9%
Nov 05 2010
*** "Fedora won't have Qt 4.6/KDE 4.4 before the end of February"

That's funny. I'm using KDE 4.4.0 right now on my Fedora 11 box with Qt 4.6.1 installed. Here is KDE repo for Fedora: - Feb 15 2010
Glad to see that this project is still alive. At the moment, I see no real replacement for this. - Feb 13 2010

Cursors 1 comment

by KuduK
Score 50.0%
Feb 08 2010
Thank you. - Feb 13 2010
Google chrome

Browser 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 09 2010
What's the difference between Google Chrome and the Chromium browser? - Feb 13 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 19 comments

Score 82.4%
Apr 28 2011
Well, you're probably right about that, but it would be nice for plasmoid to display some command's output. Of course, that can be also achieved by defining cron job which then outputs command to text file, but such approach wouldn't be that convenient. - Jan 07 2010
[first@MyComp ~]$ plasmoidviewer tail
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma_scriptengine_python/", line 53, in init
self.pyapplet = self.module.main.CreateApplet(None)
File "/home/first/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/tail/contents/code/", line 171, in CreateApplet
return Tail(parent)
File "/home/first/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/tail/contents/code/", line 64, in __init__
File "/home/first/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/tail/contents/code/", line 16, in __init__
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/log/emerge.log'
[first@MyComp ~]$ touch /var/log/emerge.log
touch: cannot touch `/var/log/emerge.log': Permission denied
[first@MyComp ~]$ su -c "touch /var/log/emerge.log"
[first@MyComp ~]$ su -c "chown -R first /var/log/emerge.log"
[first@MyComp ~]$ plasmoidviewer tail
[first@MyComp ~]$

In short, this plasmoid requires a file /var/log/emerge.log to be present in order to run at all. Creation of that file requires root privileges.

Also plasmoid name is a bit misleading because it can only display text files. - Jan 06 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 23 comments

Score 50.0%
Dec 13 2009
Composition needs to be enabled in order to have transparent plasmoid background. - Dec 14 2009
Server Status Widget

Plasma 4 Extensions 75 comments

Score 82.7%
Mar 08 2011
Builds OK, however, it is too big for panel. Also there should be option for hiding the name. Servers for monitoring could be available through popup menu. Anyway, this plasmoid has potential to be a server monitoring tool. - Dec 12 2009
Fedora space 1.0

KDE 4 Splashscreens 5 comments

by Wrah
Score 63.3%
Dec 11 2009
Just what I was looking for! Nice to see that someone cares about my opinion. That's why I love this community.

And now it also works without any problem. - Dec 12 2009

KDE 4 Splashscreens 3 comments

Score 81.9%
Feb 08 2010
Thanks. - Dec 10 2009
Mandriva space

KDE 4 Splashscreens 6 comments

by Wrah
Score 50.0%
Nov 04 2009
Well, that would be nice.

I also had to resize background image to 1024x768 in order to get it working, probably because my system doesn't support 1280x800 resolution. - Dec 10 2009
Aqua Matte

Compiz Themes
by Arika

Score 71.3%
Jan 28 2012
Grouping Desktop

Plasma 4 Extensions
by giucam

Score 70.0%
Jul 25 2010

by thomas12777

Score 82.7%
9   Dec 15 2013
volcanic storm

KDE 4 Splashscreens
by starwolf

Score 67.1%
9   Jan 15 2012

Audio Apps
by drue

Score 58.0%
9   Jan 13 2012

Dolphin Service Menus
by geobarrod

Score 85.4%
9   Jan 08 2012
Mini Player

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Emdek

Score 82.0%
9   Dec 07 2011
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by CraigD

Score 88.4%
9   Sep 07 2011
Score 72.2%
9   Aug 22 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions
by joseexposito89

Score 85.4%
9   Aug 01 2011

Full Icon Themes
by frag

Score 74.4%
9   Aug 01 2011
Stream Player

Plasma 4 Extensions
by 1Slarti1

Score 75.3%
9   Jun 22 2011
CPU and System Viewer

Plasma 4 Extensions
by incunabulum2000

Score 80.4%
9   May 31 2011
Score 82.0%
9   May 29 2011
SteampunK KSplash Theme

KDE 4 Splashscreens
by Paladin-MMX

Score 87.0%
9   May 29 2011
Fantastic 2

Wallpaper Other
by Morttis

Score 74.3%
9   May 21 2011

deKorator Themes
by TheRob

Score 70.0%
9   May 13 2011

Wallpaper Other
by linuxlex

Score 59.1%
9   May 13 2011
Geek Clock

Plasma 4 Extensions
by wicharek

Score 63.3%
9   Apr 07 2011
Flexible Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Jinidog

Score 80.4%
9   Mar 31 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions
by skylendar

Score 73.1%
9   Feb 09 2011