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Tom K
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Gnome Extensions by holodeck 376 comments

First of all, I'd like to say thank You for excellent work - I really can't imagine using my desktop without Your applets.

Unfortunately, gnome 2 is becoming a thing of the past, that is why I'd like to suggest two ways of developing Your applets so that more people could use them.

1. Creating an AWN applet. Such course of action would enable the users to take advantage of Your work regardless of desktop environment they are using.
Sadly, I'm not a programmer so I have no idea how to do an AWN applet port, however I think that Dockbarx developer could have some useful tips since he has already made his software AWN-compatible (of course if You considered my ideas worth investing Your time ).

BTW Your applets are mentioned on that site :)

2. Suggesting Your applets as part of default Linux Mint desktop.
Basic information about upcoming release can be found here:

I'll try to give You a short summary:
Linux Mint will use Gnome 3 with quite a lot of additional extensions. One of the main problems with the desktop (mentioned in a lot of user comments) is the inability to remove the top panel - here is the place where Your applet would be a perfect solution as they can change the top panel into a wonderful title bar-panel combination. I'd like to suggest such a solution (with a lot more details) here:

Would You be willing to accept Mint team help in gtk3 porting of Your applets?

What do You think about these two ideas?
- Nov 08 2011