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StanleZ Stanley Petrek, M.Sc. Bern, Switzerland
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New amazons

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Score 71.6%
May 01 2015
Nice art, 3d.
What a programs did you use it, for producing this picture ?

Thank You

- Jul 22 2013
Telepathic Flower

Nature 6 comments

Score 74.0%
Nov 14 2011

really nice. Only one think that is disturbing, is
a gradient on right top area. It's no very smoothly. Use more blur effect to this area, or others parameters in gimp-save as-jpg-smooth-range.
Update image here, if you have time. It would be better work.

Nice man. - Nov 15 2011
Final Mission

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Score 63.3%
Sep 21 2011
This is a perfect composition for a movie title. But, if joined 3 professional, to my movie team, then can I starting. Based on horror and action scenes. In blender 3d.
Best regards - Sep 25 2011
high tatras 1

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Score 50.0%
May 30 2011
combinex para photo et gimp - Jul 03 2011
dArch Linux black

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Score 58.0%
Jun 11 2011
I look on the TV and i have an idea.

Thank You - Jun 12 2011
Night at the Factory

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Score 58.0%
Jun 04 2011

which programs You used ? Because its best 3d picture in latest 3 months.

Thanks - Jun 04 2011

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Score 67.1%
Sep 25 2011
Hi All,

I used only program Gimp, of course by this picture.


- Jun 02 2011
Final Mission

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by LiquidSky64

Score 63.3%
Sep 25 2011