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Max Stegen
oops, didn't see the new version ... fixed in 1.8.2 thx ;) - Dec 17 2010

i encountered a problem when "Drag windows from" is set to "All empty areas".

In Code::Blocks (OS C++ IDE) dragging starts even if I click on an extender-arrow in the project treeview once, without moving the mouse.
This happens when i click on the titlebar of a dock window or the empty area of the project treeview, too.

Code::Blocks is a wxWidgets (GTK) app, so the problem may be there. Dont know if this is usefull for you but i'm using Code::Blocks 10.05 with wxWidgets 2.8.11 on Arch Linux x86_64. - Dec 17 2010
Updated to 1.2. good work!
Unfortunately the problems with background img continue. The img is now correctly drawn on the menu bar and toolbar but drawn seperately on every other control. Tested with playonlinux, Code::Blocks and rapidsvn. - Mar 19 2010
I expanded my tests a little and found out that i wasn't correct about playonlinux. It uses wxWidgets. And it seems as the background img is drawn on every control seperately (eg. the tabs of a tabview + it's content panel). Seems to be a wxWidgets problem since other applications (e.g. Code::Blocks) got the same problems.
Maybe there's some wxWidgets app you can test this on and hopefully there's a fix for that. Would be a shame to disable the feature for every wxwidget app. - Mar 18 2010

was testing the background image feature (version 1.1.1 using plain rings).
There seem to be some problems with certain programms.
1. nvidia-settings (gtk)
There are some sliders with borders. The borders are like 1 pixel off through which you can see the background img. The background of the sliders is opaque and it seems like the background img is repeated on it (at least on some longer sliders). Other sliders (e.g. antialiasing settings) look perfect.

2. playonlinux (python + gtk)
Here the background img is repeated on the menu bar. - Mar 18 2010
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