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Alain ãƒ… clermont-ferrand, France
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We're All Gaza

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

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Apr 06 2010
Maybe you're saying all that shit because you are muslim and your pedophile prophet told that all Jews must die, no? - Apr 07 2010
I'm not gaza. Israel defends itself against palestinian muslims. I feel I'm Israel. - Apr 06 2010
Gnominus SVG

Full Icon Themes 83 comments

by mtax
Score 42.5%
Jun 16 2010
I agree! Those icon sets are beautiful and very clean.
I hope this one will be good, but don't expect something as beautiful as Elementary and Meliae ^^ - Apr 06 2010
Haha you can use it in Windows seven if you want to :D
Thanks for the kind comment :) - Apr 06 2010
thank you!
You'll have to be patient, I think the first release won't come out before Gnome 3. Nothing is sure for the moment. - Apr 06 2010
Black curtains

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

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Apr 05 2010
I know, it sucks ^^ - Apr 05 2010
bla bla bla windows is the most os used in the world. It's non-free too. - Apr 05 2010
Please, use ubuntu-art for ubuntu wallpaper, instead of gnome-look. - Apr 05 2010
New ubuntu slogan

Wallpapers Ubuntu 11 comments

by mtax
Score 46.0%
Apr 05 2010
yeah well... no.
I don't understand the word "retarded" alone, it does not mean anything. You will have to make a complete sentence like everyone. Are you too stupid to do it? Try!

- Apr 05 2010
What? >< - Apr 05 2010
Bill Recomend Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu 6 comments

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Apr 11 2010
That's why most of ubuntu users use windows too - Apr 04 2010

Wallpapers Ubuntu 8 comments

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Apr 04 2010
No big deal, don't worry. I don't want you to make gnome wallpapers instead of ubuntu wallpapers. ubuntu users need your art. And the best place to share ubuntu wallpapers is on ubuntu-art. - Apr 04 2010
Ubuntu uses gnome. it does not mean that gnome users use ubuntu.

I use fedora and I don't like Ubuntu, so I don't give a fuck of ubuntu wallpaper, and I see it like spam in here.

If you want to share ubuntu wallpapers with ubuntu users, then use ubuntu-art instead of gnome-look.

You, ubuntu users, think that gnome-look is for ubuntu users, and you are totally wrong! ubuntu-art is made for you. - Apr 04 2010
I vote bad because here is gnome-look, not ubuntu-art.

Ubuntu wallpaper here is like spamming. I hate spam. - Apr 03 2010
Graffiti revenga

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

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Mar 30 2010
J'aime bien les tags quand c'est vraiment beau. Et là, c'est super classe!
J'adopte :) - Mar 30 2010
Nu (welderbeest)

Wallpaper Other 7 comments

by hound
Score 50.0%
Mar 30 2010
Simple, beautiful, clean. Got my vote! - Mar 30 2010

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

Score 58.0%
Mar 30 2010
Hahaha so true! I love this wall ! - Mar 30 2010
The Days of Grays

GTK2 Themes 37 comments

Score 74.0%
Jul 06 2010
Perfect ! Thank you very much for correcting this so quickly =) - Mar 29 2010
Beautiful, but I've got some font color problems in Firefox, nautilus, and in Gimp (maybe the problem can be found in other softwares, but those are the 3 I used since I tried this theme).

Whatever, I like the way you modified the excellent Colors theme. Hope you'll fix this little problem :) - Mar 27 2010
Treasure hunting ?

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Mar 28 2010
How did you do it? It's very good! - Mar 28 2010
Simplest Ubuntu Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu 7 comments

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Mar 27 2010
who talk about troll? Giant ass... - Mar 27 2010
that's not bad, that's just not the right place. ubuntu-look exists, ubuntu users should use it, as fedora users use fedora-look, as gentoo users use gentoo, etc...
Only ubuntu users think that gnome-look is made only for ubuntu users.
- Mar 27 2010
gnome-look is not ubuntu-look!!! Not the right place for your wallpaper here! - Mar 27 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other 142 comments

by mtax
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Mar 22 2010
And you cannot disprove he is a giant bunny addicted to coca-cola. You cannot disprove he is the bigger son of a bitch ever. You cannot disprove he is just an alien. You cannot disprove anything cause there is nothing to disprove. - Mar 27 2010
thank you so much! :) - Mar 26 2010
I have an answer for you : we don't know where we come from at the all "beginning". And you don't know neither.

The difference between smart people and believers, is that smart people admit they don't know, and want to understand and to learn, that's why science exists.

Believers don't want to know, they just say "that's god". They don't even want to know the truth, they just want to stay as stupid as they are, because it's so much more easy to believe that you know everything, it's so easy to say "it's god" when you don't know.

Religion is the worst enemy of science, of truth, of freedom, of intelligence. Religion is for stupid people who want to stay stupid.
- Mar 24 2010
I got no problem, I got a beautiful and very sweet girlfriend, I got a job I really love, I got my own house, a car, and a dog.
You think I have problems only because I say that religion is the source of every problems on earth. Come on, we are in 2010, stop acting like a savage with your fucking "holy" book! What next? Dance of rain around a fire?

Dude, people who believe in god are the ones who have a serious problem! - Mar 24 2010
that's a fucking good argument "+1" or "+9001". Absolutely christian : nothing to say cause nothing in your head!

Go fuck your god and masturbate on that shit called bible. And shut your hole! - Mar 23 2010
ah, but you 're forgetting, god isn't even a theory, it's a story! - Mar 23 2010
Yes he was a freaking genius! - Mar 23 2010
Wow!! You misunderstood everything dude! First, I never have been violated. Did your imaginary friend told you I have been..? Stop believe everything that you hear in your head... You can't trust god!

Then, you don't know anything about this minister. Yes, he is an ass, a liar, but no, he is not a pedophile. He is gay, that's it. In one of a book he wrote, he explain a sexual experience with a man in Thailand. Some stupid people who did not read the book said that it was a child because this minister calls guys "boys" (as almost every gay people in france do). But this "boy" was taller and stronger than the minister. I don't know any child taller and stronger than Frederic Mitterrand.

And for the end, VERY IMPORTANT NOTE, I don't give a damn shit about your prayers and I don't care to be in it. I got a scoop for you : every believers pray for people in Haiti, but you know what? God did not do anything. And you know why? Because god is a fucking joke! And you know what? I fuck Mattew, Mark, Luke, the others, Jesus, and god, but I helped more with giving money to help Haitian people than every believers by praying for them.

Don't be so condescending, stop talking to a non-existing entity, start acting for real and existing people. - Mar 23 2010
No, but I beleive in science. And science says that monkeys and us have common ancestors.

Actually, I believe in a lot of things. But I will never beleive in something that just don't exist!
Religion is only for fools and for people who don't whant to understand. For a stupid mind, it's much more easier to say "it's god" than to look for an answer.
And when they don't know, beleivers will never say "I don't know, but I want to find an answer", they will say "God moves in mysterious ways".

And you, do you believe that your imaginary friend made earth in 7 days? - Mar 23 2010
I already said I cannot respect fools who talk to an imaginary friend. I really tried, but I can't,they make me laugh!

Congrats to me... well, that's cool for me (i'm not rich yet, but hey, as I always say "un sou est un sou".). But thank to aaaall stupid believers who clicked on the link to my website! Your hate gave me money :D - Mar 23 2010
At the beggining, I made this wall while thinking about pedophilia in church. I did want to make something strong, simple, but funny (it's just a wallpaper, it won't change the world). The comment is part of it. Why? Because the pope is kind of a giant son of a bitch, his mail for the victims of pedophilia in dutch church sounds like shit. This is revolting!

Of course, every pedophiles should die in fire, not only christians priests. But here I am talking about it. Don't worry, I will attack muslims and islam much more stronger than it, very soon. :) - Mar 23 2010
My website has never been so visited since I upload this wall in here! Thanx to all haters (aka believers), I will win a little money because of it. Thanx to that stupid asshole named god hahaha! - Mar 23 2010
It means that I will upload anything I want, like everybody else does.

I say fuck god, fuck religion. It hurts? Don't read, vote bad, do what you want, I just don't give a damn fuck. But if you want me to remove this, first remove all christians or muslims wallpapers. That's it. I will never close my hole to do not hurt someone sensibility. Never.
- Mar 22 2010
I don't know how to say that in English so please forgive me, I will say it in french : je vais me gêner! - Mar 22 2010
Ubuntu Star Remix Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu 5 comments

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Mar 25 2010
I don't know, I use Fedora... - Mar 26 2010
I have nothing against this wallpaper, but here is gnome-look. For ubuntu wallpapers, you have ubuntu-look.

I don't vote bad but I really want to >< - Mar 25 2010
French Minister

Wallpaper Other 25 comments

by uggi
Score 50.0%
Mar 25 2010
Who is the idiot? Me, or beleivers? :D
And no, I never said i'm an artist! But, just for fun, look at those shit ;

Do you call that art?? You don't even know how to crop out objects... Giant asshole, didn't god teach you how to do it..? What a son of a bitch :D

I never say I am an artist, but everything I do is better than all your shit. - Mar 24 2010
To finish ; look at the license on the original wallpaper. You fail.
Violating license and Defamation have been reported. You fail. Definitively!

- Mar 23 2010
that's all you have to say?
haha! Try to read the book, stupid believer. - Mar 23 2010
Of course I would like to burn every pedophiles like christians or muslims or any other!

But you don't know what you talk about, and that's the problem in here! Come back when you have read that fucking book. You can't say that he is a pedophile. He is gay, that's it! Not pedophile.

In France we have a saying "quand on sait pas, on ferme sa gueule". It means about "when you don't know, shut your hole".

So, shut your hole, everybody knows that you never have read this book, you don't know what you talk about.

Then, what you do in here is defamation, and it's highly illegal. I think you should remove this wallpaper before something happen. Just an advice... - Mar 23 2010
he never admitted it, that's wrong! He calls men "boy" and in his book, he says he have sex with a boy, and no doubt the boy is a man and not a child! He says that he is stronger, and taller than him. This guy is an ass, but not a pedophile. Read the book! - Mar 23 2010
Actually, this made me laugh! But you don't know anything about this story (this minister, that I hate for a lot of other reasons, is gay, and not pedophile)
But it's true that christians people hate homosexuals...

Another proof of religion intolerance and stupidity. Thank you for showing to the world all this stupidity :) - Mar 23 2010
Murrine GTK+ Engine for Fedora

GTK2 Themes 26 comments

Score 70.0%
Nov 11 2010
Very useful, thank you very much!
- Mar 24 2010
Ozzy Oyster of Ubu King

Wallpaper Other 22 comments

Score 72.2%
Mar 25 2010
Je savais pas! Mais de toute façon moi et l'allemand ça fait 10. Je connais "halt"... et c'est tout :D
- Mar 24 2010
I was about to vote bad because of "ubu". Ubunteros in here don't even know they've got ubuntu-look for their ugly gay pink or poo brown ubuntu wallpapers, witch should not be on gnome-look...

Pourquoi j'écris en anglais? Pour que le message passe pour tous ces bouseux d'ubunteros :D

- Mar 23 2010
Equinox GTK Engine

GTK2 Themes 257 comments

Score 71.4%
Apr 27 2011
I understand now why it didn't work on my fedora 64 bits ^^

Thank you very much for this theme, it rox! Original, simple, professional. Got my vote! - Mar 23 2010
naos suite

GTK2 Themes 14 comments

Score 58.0%
Mar 30 2010
So smooth! Very good one! - Mar 22 2010

Wallpaper Other
by Lemonade

Score 46.0%
Mar 28 2010

GTK2 Themes
by nale12

Score 62.0%
Mar 05 2010
Magnificent Eclipse

Wallpaper Other
by kevinmehall

Score 50.0%
Oct 15 2009

GTK2 Themes
by nale12

Score 62.5%
Sep 03 2009