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I figured it out now.

For some reason I thought you were talking about the KDE color settings, not the QtCurve settings. - Oct 20 2010
I don't understand.

Anyway, I'm not using KDE, if that matters. - Oct 14 2010
Is it possible to make a light theme with black text but has dark menus with white text? - Oct 13 2010

Browser by fr33mind 33 comments

Something like this is what I had in mind: - Aug 12 2010

Board by DrAndrew 1 comment

I noticed that my CPU gets heavily loaded for a moment after I click one of the buttons, so I looked into the source and found that it uses "busy-waiting" (that is, waiting by wasting CPU cycles instead of sleeping).

Maybe it would be better to use QTimer? - Aug 12 2010

Various Games by jon-ecm 6 comments

How do I add an object? I tried clicking on the list on the left side of the window and nothing happens. - Aug 12 2010

Arcade by kinch27 7 comments

Nice game! Quite disorienting at first :) - Aug 12 2010

Browser by fr33mind 33 comments

Pretty neat application, but I still would like something where I can just quickly copy/paste the URL and watch the video.

Anyway, I looked at the source code and found the algorithm to download the video file itself, and it works great! I was looking for that for a long time and everything I found was outdated and didn't work any more. - Aug 12 2010
Perl Qt4

Developers Apps by vadiml 20 comments

I tried compiling it but it fails. Also, I tried converting the RPMs to the .pkg.tar.gz format that Arch Linux uses, but when I tried the example it failed because Perl Qt4 is 2-bit (my machine is 64-bit). - Jul 24 2010

by fr33mind

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