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Jan 06 2010
ohh the avatar doesn't update itself
that's a very bad thing! - Jan 08 2010
surely it's possible to port it to Qt.
Just to redesign the whole GUI, it's plain simple if you know Qt toolkit.

the whole UI is coded into +
Of course both them will need to be rewrited almost from scratch but it will not be a great trouble, it's a simple app actually. - Jan 08 2010
thank you for your interest

the apps doesn't depend at all from gnome but it requires the Gtk libraries.
If you have them then it will run fine.

I don't plan to port it from Gtk to Qt toolkit. - Jan 08 2010

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Oct 05 2009
sorry my bad keyboard
of course:
the look=then look - Oct 05 2009
if you added property the repository then all packages will be available to apt-get.

simply refresh the list with
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gespeaker

if you use Synaptic the look for repository in the source group on the bottom of the window. - Oct 05 2009

the source code is available on the Google Code project

you can browse with the browser or access it via svn. - Aug 02 2009