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Jan Banan

Full Icon Themes by jcubic 157 comments

Excellent icon set I've but using for quite a while, but only now have I run into a problem. Specifically with the icon nm-device-wwan (which is a symlink to nm-signal-100.)
nm-applet crashes with an error that the icon in question is of an unrecognized image file type. The symlink itself works just fine and I can open the svg file with any image viewer or editor, but neither nautilus or nm-applet seem to be able to either open it or preview it.
This only started happening after running a few updates on my Gentoo system, but I've checked that all necessary libraries to display .svg files are in place. I even tried to reinstall and downgrade them just to be sure.
At first I thought it might be a permission error, but chmodding the file and symlink yield no results. Has the icon, or its' belonging metadata simply become corrupted somehow?
I have tried downloading it again and also running the color changing script but it didn't help...
Thanks for you input on this. - Jul 05 2011