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Tim  Dickerson Chicago IL, United States of America
rekonq Web Browser

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by adjam
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Jan 12 2014

I really like this brower. It is snappy and lightweight in size. I have just a few questions.

1. Is there any possible way to change the script or another app ?


2. I seem to have my toolbar icons on both sides of the URL bar (which is the middle) and I was wondering if it was possible to move all the icons to another 'toolbar' so to speak just below that so all the icons would be together?

Is there something like firefox's 'about:config' ?

Tnx and keep up the great work


OS: Mandriva 64 Bit 2011 (cooker) - Sep 29 2010
Evolve KDE

Icon Sub-Sets 55 comments

Score 53.9%
Jul 16 2012
I run Mandriva 2010/Cooker 64-Bit and would be happy to whip up an entire .src.rpm and .rpm package and commit them to the repositories if you wish

I don't know exactly what your looking for (help wise) so let me know

Tim - Jan 10 2010